Saturday, August 17, 2013

Is It Adventure Time?

Game Mechanics - 1/2
Story-line - 1/2
Graphics - 1/2
Soundtrack - 1/2
Replay Value - 2/2
 Total Score - 6/10

Hey there fellow gamers it's time for another Friday video game review here on In The Mind Of My Mind. This week I broke one of my own rules and tried out an MMORPG that was recommended to me by a friend. I really need to learn how to deal with peer pressure better; but I digress. Main thing is I typically don't review MMORPG's because they are far too time consuming and require a lot of research and reading to know how best to create and shape your character. At the end of the day however the game is free to play and playable from your browser so why not give it a shot especially if you don't have a top end gaming PC. Have a look at Adventure Quest Worlds...

AdventureQuest Worlds, often shortened to AQWorlds or simply AQW, is a browser-based MMORPG or massively multiplayer online role playing game developed by Artix Entertainment in 2008. Unlike most massively multiplayer role playing games, AdventureQuest Worlds was developed entirely in Adobe Flash. The graphics style of AdventureQuest Worlds is much anime-like, especially notable in the characters' face. Upon creating an account, players are asked to choose one of four "starting classes" to be as their personal character, which are warrior, mage, healer, and rogue. When the players start the game, they will also automatically receive a default weapon. The way a player can advance and essentially progress and get better is by leveling up, which adds to their stat character page, making various abilities and attack power better, enhancements (which enhance a weapon to add stat modifiers, which come in either wizard, fighter, thief, healer, hybrid, spellbreaker, lucky, spitfire, adventurer, etc.), and class.

What’s Good:
Replay Value - If there is one thing that is certain its that this game has a ridiculous amount of content and things to potentially do. So much so that it seems more of a burden than a blessing but it ensures longevity and loyalty to the game. If you make it far enough and long enough to get your character looking as pimped out as some of the characters I seen there is not a doubt that you will be stuck playing this game for a long time to come. From the potential to change classes to the enhancement options of armor there is much that is to be discovered and made use of in this game. At the very least you have 4 different characters to choose from so that enables a wide variety of game-play strategies and experiences.

What’s Bad:
Seeing as I didn't want to nitpick at any one particular aspect i'm gonna summarize it all. Honestly most of the things they fail at are semi-justifiable, i'm just gonna do a quick run down. The navigation system is not as straight forward and intuitive as it could be, the character stats system deviates from the standard point allotment that is a staple point of most MMORPG's, the story-line line of the game itself is lost both because of poor quest progression but also because more value is placed on leveling your character through grinding rather than questing. These are all semi-justifiable since these issues are as relevant when you actually pay for a subscribers fee to the game.

What Should Have Been Added:
A stat point allocation system tied to the characters level, a proper navigation progression system, detailed and meaningful quest progression tied to the story line development and finally balance the exp gain so that questing is more important than just grind exp to level up.

Final Thoughts:
Definitely a fun experience starting out and a good option for those that may not have a proper gaming machine or console. Advisable to play with friends so as to make the experience more rewarding but with a registered user base of over 20 million people you should have no problem running into people and maybe making new friends. Most importantly the game is free to play so you have nothing to lose if you are a fan of MMORPG's. Vist and create a character so you can start your Adventure Quest today...

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