Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Return To Former Glory or Something Else Entirely?

Game Mechanics - 1/2
Story-line - 1.5/2
Graphics - 2/2
Soundtrack - 1.5/2
Replay Value - 2/2

 Total Score - 8/10

Its Friday so you know its time for a new video game review. Trying to clear up some of the back log of games I have to review so even though this isn't a fresh release it just recently debut on the PC. From Raccoon City to the depths of Umbrella corp we have traversed the vast universe of Resident Evil on multiple generations of platforms. Today we check out the latest installation in the series Resident Evil 6. The question on everyone's mind is "How does it stack up against the earlier releases that garnered it its fan following?" Come along and see how it fares...

Resident Evil 6, known as Biohazard 6 in Japan, is an action-adventure third-person shooter video game in the Resident Evil series, developed and published by Capcom. The story is told from the perspectives of Chris Redfield, a former member and founder of the BSAA traumatized by a failed operation, Leon S. Kennedy, a Raccoon City survivor and agent for the U.S. government, Jake Muller, illegitimate son of Albert Wesker and associate of Sherry Birkin, and Ada Wong, a freelance agent framed for the bio-terrorist attacks by Neo-Umbrella. They must all confront the force behind a massive bio-terrorist attack with the newly developed C-virus in cities across the world. Resident Evil 6 allows players to select between three scenarios with connected story-lines, each with their own intentionally different design. The player characters from each scenario will have their own partners which are controlled by either the computer AI or another human player via local or online multi-player.

What’s Good:
Graphics: Definitely Resident Evil has come a long way in term of graphics; especially from what I have seen here on the PC version I played. Textures are smooth and well blended, hair detail and skin colors are definitely above average. Capcom did a fine job bringing Resident evil into this current generation of gaming from the the character models to the environments you can see the attention to detail.

Replay Value: This game will have you playing for hours upon hours on end. There is certainly no shortage of content in this game. Each campaign is broken into varying chapters and the chapters have sub chapters as well. Couple that with both online or local play and going further to factor in the skills that can be bought which you will need skill points to buy you will definitely not be going out anytime soon once you start playing this game. There is just so much content you honestly don't know who you should start off with first.

What’s Bad:
Game Mechanics: I don't know whether its the clunky movement, the occasional camera angle issues or just the annoyance of being forced to walk when I really want to run but something feels off about these aspects of the game mechanics. Don't even get me started on randomly tripping over bodies on the floor for some strange reason. I saw strange because I really don't see how having that in the game was an effective game design choice but whatever. 

What Should Have Been Added:
With how the game is structured I hope they Add other characters from the Resident Evil franchise as DLC and have intertwining campaigns as such helping to fully tell the story of how every thing happens and got to the state it is in currently.

Final Thoughts:
While the series may not be living up to the legacy set by the original Resident Evil series, this new direction that Resident Evil is venturing into is not completely a bad thing. The have definitely improved upon their initial effort to take the game in this direction from Resident Evil 5. I most definitely did not enjoy playing that at all but this game feels much better than its predecessor  So definitely don't write this game off quite yet, Capcom has done a decent job modernizing and structuring the ebb and flow of the game to cater to a wider and more diverse audience now. Not to mention even with the changes to the usual game flow we still see elements of the original games present in the game. ie. scarcity of items and bullets. Check out our introductory play-through and see if it appeals enough to you to wanna try it out.

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