Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Which Is Worse?

I been thinking of late about a lot of things but mostly about life and love. I think ideally that's just something that will always be a source of deep thought and consideration amongst us human. You know how they say "its better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?" Well I have been thinking and wondering why if this is so people make it seem so hard to love someone or at the very least love a person in return. Which brings me to my initial thought about love and how funny it is; because to love someone is the easiest thing to do even though so few do it but its the maintaining and receiving of love that is truly the hard part.

They say the crappiest feeling in the world is the feeling of unrequited love; loving someone with your all and not having that love returned in kind. In a situation as such though their are two parties feelings to consider as with most things in life; there will always be two sides to the story. So that then begs the question which is worse? The person who doesn't return the love and affection being shown to them or is it the person that is showing the love while expecting it in return but not actually considering the other persons feelings? This is quite the scenario as its very situational depending on the viewpoint of the people within the relationship and those outside the relationship. So lets take a look shall we...

At is the perfect equation when you can put two people together that love and respect the love they have for each other. Knowing that you have that level of loyalty and give and take your faith in yourself and your partner is unshakable and able to stand the test of time no matter the scenario. Sadly in our current society this is becoming less and less of a standard and more and more of an anomaly. When one person gives their all for another but that person holds back the love they should be sharing it causes an imbalance in the relationship that leads to a mountain worth of problems. Most times these problems lead to the eventual end of the love being shared and typically leaves the primary lover feeling confused, and betrayed. Confused because they still love the person even though they feel used which leaves the feeling of betrayal. This however doesn't only happen in relationships as even before that aspect of a relationship is agreed upon friendships and acquaintances can end up in this similar scenario where one person is constantly giving and the other is constantly receiving. As individuals to avoid a situation as such I think we should always be evaluating the relationships we keep with people and ask ourselves what we are doing or could do to maintain the balance of being a giver or a receiver. You must restore order to the force...

Sometimes in life your expectations don't match up with the realities of life you face. A prime example of this is happens in relationships a lot, balancing your needs with the expectations of your partner going as far as being more of a lady or gentleman. You may know what you want or hope for but actually factoring in the harsh realities of life and circumstance can quickly squash any of those hopes and dreams. So one has to think if they are willing to compromise for the sake of their partner. Another dilemma of love now arises where you can either decide to live with the faults and work on them or be your own person and do as you please. We already know there is potential for a happy ending if you choose the first option so what we are gonna look at is the second one. They say if you truly love something you should let it go and if it comes back to you it was always yours. I kinda think that's bullshit cause if it was yours then they should have realized that long ago and wanted to continue remaining yours. Ignorance really is no excuse for stupidity but I usually forget that humans are strange and erratic creatures so they can't be expected to always function as the high brain function species they are. With this in mind the ultimate sacrifice is loving some one so much you realize even thou they are what you need you aren't what they need. You make a decision to let them go find what it is that they need, this way your love for them to be happy is fulfilled even if its not with you. This is something that you have to live with everyday for the rest of your life so it is not a sacrifice to be taken lightly.

So after all is said and done which do you consider worse? Loving and not being loved or loving and having too come to the realization that your love is lost ad giving it up? For me i think having to give up on your love is way worse because you have to live with the unanswered questions and wonder what could have been had it all gone according to plan. What do you think? Leave a comment with your view and why.


April 16, 2013 at 6:14 PM

If we could only be honest in relationships the world would be a better place. Many times we are in love with the idea of a person and not the person and so we will never be truly contented in that relationship. Whether we want to admit it or not we are opportunistic beings in relationship but the genuine person will look for a mutualistic relationship.

I believe there is no greater thing that two persons who are completely in love with each other. I have had the experience of being in love and not loved in return.I knew I would never have been truly happy in such a situation (as the bastard cheated more than once)and it wasn't fair to be in a relationship with this person hindering their happiness. It has been 9 years, I still love him (they do say true love never dies) but I wouldn't date him again.

The thing about love is that it is unconditional and there is no way a person in love would hurt the one they are with. If it happens once just seeing your loved one hurt would make you vow not to do so again, because if they hurt,you hurt.People misuse the word love so much so they don't understand it. I believe in destiny and that thing they call compatibility so if you are in a relationship and it ain't working, move your ass along. It might hurt for weeks, months or even years. You might have sleepless nights, loss of appetite or even faint for lack of food (like me, lol) but guess what time heals all and you will get over it. Not everyone is compatible and in this world there will always be better and worst in every situation. Hence, that man or woman you are pining over is not worth your emotions because you will find someone who values you and treat you like the king or queen you rightly deserve to be treated as. Think about it, if they truly loved you would they have taken the option of leaving when you presented it? They might come back when they test the waters outside and it doesn't measure up to the one they had with you all along, then they come back like the prodigal son. If you are like the prodigal son forgiving daddy then you can take back your ungrateful partner,lol!


April 16, 2013 at 8:43 PM

true that. i agree with everything you said except the presenting the option part. it shouldn't be an issue of you giving them the option of leaving but more so you realizing that its not working and they would be better suited elsewhere so you let them go. that way you have minimal to no regrets and remain in control of your feelings and the situation.

April 17, 2013 at 5:04 AM

i believe in bad timing, this never goes according to plan and sometimes breaking the rules is what helps u to achieve you love more than anything else. we humans we make mistakes and sometimes what we think we need in our life never really is, people get lost sometimes in what it is that they truly want and how to achieve it. Just love as much as you can, if u love yourself it dnt hurt as much wen one love fails maybe it just wasnt meant to be no matter how deep we wanted it

Chu ^_^

April 18, 2013 at 2:43 PM

Bad timing plays a role in our day to day existence everyday but its like they say; you gotta keep on keeping on. Even though things may not go according to plan its still better to actually have a plan and adapt accordingly than have no plan at all. Very few people in this world effectively know exactly how to determine what they need and what they want and its because of this many of us lose our way and lose out on the things we overlook because of circumstances and the effect of bad timing as you put it. Carpe Diem!! And strive to make the most of life and not take its occurrences for granted because so much can go wrong so fast and losing out on so much. True love never fails; it just sits and slowly withers but somehow never dies.

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