Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Season Finale Is Here

Gameplay - 10/10
Storyline - 10/10
Graphics - 9/10
Game Score : 29/30

I'm calling it as of now "GAME OF THE YEAR"!!! Telltale Games have captured the essence of story telling in this game and found a certain magic that eludes many AAA published gaming titles out there. Words fail me to express how truly wonderful a gaming experience this game has been to me. If you do one thing for yourself before the world ends let it be to play through all five episodes of "The Walking Dead".

By now you should be well up to speed on this game and our coverage of it but just in case feel free to check out our previous reviews for each episode individually: Episode 1Episode 2, Episode 3, and Episode 4. The conclusion to the gripping zombie tale that is The Walking Dead: The Game has finally come to a close with the release of Episode 5 – No Time Left. I swear its a shame AAA release titles that cost $60 don't have half the perfection and seamless storytelling that this series has had. If it doesn't win game of the year its a travesty.

Whats Good:
Every goddamn thing possible. I have written four reviews before this on how well put together of a game this is and by now if you haven't played it you are either poor, don't have awesome friends or a loving family, or are mentally challenged. Which if you are reading this game review bravo for making it this far. All fun and jokes aside do yourself a favor and play this game it has superb writing, voice acting, character development  soundtrack, etc. You literally find yourself totally engrossed in the games Universe connecting and growing with the characters as your campaign progresses. Without a doubt this is not a gaming experience anyone should miss. The full disc release is on December 4th so you can wait till then; or buy it on Steam for $13.99 as a part of their Black Friday sales event or just buy it through normal means. So many options with so little time...

Whats Bad:
Nothing worth mentioning at this point besides a few minor graphical visual hitches.

What Should Have Been Added:
More episodes cause God knows I couldn't get enough.

Final Thoughts:
 It told an amazing story and kept me hooked throughout the seven months it was released. By the time the credits finished rolling, I found myself wishing that more was coming next month. The Walking Dead: The Game – Episode 5 – No Time Left is an excellent ending to the first season of the game. It finalizes a lot of questions while creating new ones that leaves the potential for another season so keep your fingers crossed. This game is bar none the best interactive gaming experience of the year and you owe it to yourself to take part in it...

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