Saturday, September 8, 2012

Kiss Your Moral Compass Goodbye

Gameplay - 10/10
Storyline - 10/10
Graphics - 9/10
Game Score : 29/30

OMFG!!! Where has this game been all my life? Telltale Games you people are gods among men in the gaming industry as of right now. That's it i'm declaring it right now that this game is game of the year worthy. If you are within earshot or eye-shot of this review and have not yet played this game stop reading or listening and go play from episode 1. GO! I'll wait...

Ok so by now you should have played and gotten back to read this; if not then you can also check out our two earlier reviews of Episode 1 & Episode 2. So let me just start off by saying after completing my play-through and writing this i'm pissed as fuck for what happened in the game. You can be damn well sure that I will be playing over a new save state to ensure that person does not die the second time around. Be sure to check out my play-through with commentary video at the end of this review. I swear every-time I write a review for Telltale Games epic episodic The Walking Dead game there are just less and less things for me to praise without repeating myself. I thought I had some tough choices to make when I played Episode 2 but Episode 3 blew those out the water. The team at Telltale Games definitely have shown that they know what they are doing and are not a one trick pony. I'm so happy to see that in these times of DLC and multi-player based gaming that someone still understands that the story and character development of a game is what makes the experience truly worthwhile.

Oh my darling dear Clementine; the things you have seen. Being forced to grow up so fast is never and easy thing and boy oh boy does this episode put you in some intense dilemma. If I were any lesser of a man I know there are certain points in this episode that would have had me crying like a little wuss. Just like the title says you can kiss your moral compass goodbye in this episode because there are so many heavy choices to make. Even when you think you are doing the right thing it can easily turn you into feeling you made the worst decision ever. I feel such an intense bond between me and Clementine almost as if she is genuinely my daughter now, my every thought and action revolves around her and how it will impact her. If I had to sum up this game in one phrase it would be "this game is too well written."; this game has refreshed my faith in the gaming industry. It has been far too long since I have seen a game so exquisitely written and delivered to its audience.

Here we have the next character that I am conflicted with; I started out wanting to be friends with him in Episode 1 but slowly he started taking on a kind of bossy asshole type mentality. I know the game adapts to the choices we make as we progress so I felt kind of responsible but it was already too late to try and fix our damaged relationship. In Episode 3 however I made up my mind to start severing ties with him, sadly the game had other plans and somehow I kept finding myself in situations where I just couldn't do it. By the end of Episode 3 I felt so bad that I started trying to mend my relationship with him yet again and as of writing this I think i'll continue to do so in Episode 4. This game just really knows how to tug at your heartstrings man.-_-

Well that's it for our review of The Walking Dead Episode 3 here on In The Mind Of My Mind. Hope you enjoyed it and will give the game a play cause it surely deserves you money. If you can't then we got you covered with our game-play commentary so grab some popcorn and enjoy the show.

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