Monday, July 23, 2012

Last I Checked Fat Didn't Discriminate...

You know what it is; Zalgo here again with another blog post. So grab your popcorn pull up your chair and take off your undies;.......ok maybe scratch that last one. So today we are gonna talk about something that has been on my mind recently that seems kinda unfair. This is the topic of gender discrimination when it comes on to body image; this wont be a long blog since i'm just going to touch on the topic cause I kinda wanna see what the feedback is like from y'all concerning the topic.

Now everyone knows there are pardon the pun but a pound and a half of different reasons why being fat isnt exactly the best of choices in life, nevertheless some people fall prey to genetics and as such tend to have to live with said fatness. No don't get me wrong here I don't have anything against fat people  as long as you aren't being excessive with it and ignoring your health completely; where I have a problem is the difference in discrimination that occurs. Why is it that a fat male may more than likely be ostracized or treated less favorably than a fat female? Are females that shallow in comparison to males who are more willing to get with a fat chick? Why is it that the male has to have life that much harder than the female of equal standing? Are we doomed to a life of having to worry about getting a six pack or looking like Channing Tatum to have hopes of finding love or getting laid? Speaking of Channing Tatum his new movie Magic Mike is a shining perpetuation of the aforementioned stereotype; sadly however I see no such movie for the female side of that rainbow.

So lets take a look individually at these two, still trying to keep this short by the way. So with the females men will be more willing to hook up with a fat/plus sized girl than a female will be to hook up with a guy; but why is that? Well lets see what we can list out some reasons:

1. There is a genre of porn dedicated to them. (Google BBW)
2. They got dat ass.
3. They got them titties.
4. They know how to cook well or know someone how can.
5. They give the best hugs.
6. If you can maneuver one around in sex you are considered a man.
7. They give good head.
8. They can defend themselves physically.
Etc, Etc, Etc,...So its pretty clear the ladies have a lot going on for them even though its a bit biased they are allowed to let themselves go and not face as harsh judgement as the males.

Now we look at the male side of the rainbow, what praises can we sing of them to sway more females into giving more of them a chance:
1. They are typically quite faithful.
2. Excellent chefs.
3. Last longer in bed.
4. Pay more attention to the woman's needs and seeks to please her to keep her.
5. His belly = your own personal, portable pillow
6. Weighty guys enjoy life more than thin men.
7. Heavier men are softer and more squeezable than skinny studs.
8. He'll never criticize your weight or your food portions.
Etc, Etc, Etc...See; even the plus sized men deserve to have a chance at a loving relationship, speaking as a past plus sized fellow please give the men the time of day. A six pack and what not isn't always the best of foundations for a relationship; a picture maybe but not a relationship...not saying that's all you ladies base it on but just an example. Plus sized men already have it hard enough trying to impress the modern woman without them making it harder by not at least giving them the time of day and a proper opportunity.

Well that's my rant for today; whether or not you agree or disagree feel free to comment your thoughts. I should probably reiterate that this was just a rant and not an expose in bashing females rights to choose or the preferences or belittling plus sized men as i'm sure there are a fair portion out there probably getting more pussy than a lot of average sized men. So ill just leave you with the awesomeness that is a fatter man...


July 23, 2012 at 11:12 PM

smh u mother......

send it out to the masses for this legendary post is a couples years late

July 23, 2012 at 11:15 PM

well my blog has only been around for like a year and a half so ill have to ask you humblest of apologies. also the onus lies with you to send the link out and spread the word. as i have done my part already and more.

July 25, 2012 at 9:58 PM

i think both sides get it bad but fat ppl r always the best ppl to have great relationships or friends

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