Monday, June 17, 2013

But What About The Children...?

Hey ya'll I ain't even gonna sidestep the issue; I know not the slightest thing to blog about tonight. Between all that E3 coverage and some recent changes in my life i'm just kinda all over the place trying to figure stuff out. As such I present to you a story that a friend of a friend started writing so to speak. Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments if he is off to a good start. Well please do enjoy and leave your feedback...

If you were in a helicopter flying high above the Miami landscape, or in a plane taking off from or coming in to land at MIA (The Miami International Airport), you might have seen 4 child sized white statues at the top of a pretty tall skyscraper.

You definitely would not have seen the much smaller kid. He was sitting in a quaint yoga posture with his legs folded beneath his tiny body. He was beneath a small tent-like structure that was erected from what seemed to be a handkerchief. He had removed it from his back pocket, unfolded it and threw it to the ground. It had expanded and was ready for use in less than 3 seconds. It had changed it’s color to match the roof. He had crawled in and assumed his working position. As he started unpacking his equipment, his enclosure closed around him and finally fully blended in with the roof. Even if you were walking on the roof, you would not know it was there until you tripped over it.

This Kid’s name was Benjamin, although everybody, the lazy dumbos they were all called him Ben. Ben was extremely tiny for his announced age of 6. That did not matter one bit though as he was pure genius and could outperform any adult genius, blindfolded with an old Intel Pentium machine with 32 Kilobytes of RAM. Ben did not have a Pentium Machine tonight though. He had a state of the art laptop with all the silent bells and whistles imaginable plus a few more features. He pushed power and it was up in 6 seconds. It connected to the satellites he had gained access to the previous night. These will give him access to everything he needed for tonight’s party.

He opened his communications kit, a small credit card sized case. It was thin enough to double as a credit card and sure enough, the magnetic stripe and the visa logo were present and accounted for. He was sure it worked, but he had no time to waste right now.
He removed a 1 inch x 1 inch item, olive in color, with one side gently adhesive. He gently attached this item behind his left ear. It matched his olive skin perfectly and was rendered invisible. This was not really necessary, however, as His straight black hair always hung over his ears.

He took out the other device. It looked like was a small cap, sort of like a dunce cap of olden times. It had no color though and he had to look at it really hard to see it. He positioned this onto his left incisor. Like the first device, this device was completely invisible against his perfectly white teeth.

He bit twice, knocking his top and bottom rows of teeth together. This activated his device and he heard a gentle beep. He was always amazed at how he seemed to hear it in both ears, although he had only stuck the earpiece behind one ear.

As he did this, he was glancing over the profile for tonight’s mission. It seemed simple enough. There was a very special child being held in this building and his unique abilities was being used for very bad things.

They had all reviewed the profile in transit and had it completely memorized long before they got dropped onto the roof.

Ben looked over everything one last time and double checked it against the infrared diagram he received from an overhead satellite he had access to. This was Ben’s first field mission and he knew it had to be perfect.

“Gabriel, are you ready?” Ben asked, as if talking to himself.
“Ready and waiting.” Gabriel replied quickly.
Alright. Stand by” Ben responded as he initiated

Gabriel, or Gabby as he is called by everybody but ‘Benjamin’ was impatient. At 8 years old, he was the youngest and smallest of the action team. He would initiate tonight’s mission. Although he was standing perfectly still with not even his eyes moving, in his head he was jumping all over the place in impatience.
Gabby’s red hair, a curly mess atop his head, moved gently with the wind, although even if a normal person was standing very close to him, they would not have been able to see. The color of his hair was a sharp contrast to his pale white skin and his green eyes. In the old days, he had been teased mercilessly until  all somebody’s fingers got torn off his hand. He was left alone then.

“Gabriel, go” whispered in his ears. Without hesitation, he ran and dove headfirst off the roof.

Gabby loved this free-fall feeling and enjoyed every second until he had to stop himself outside a glass wall of the skyscraper.

“I’m at mark,” Gabby said, while he took out the next tool he needed from his bag and readied it.

In a second, Ben gave Gabby the confirmation to proceed. Gabriel placed the device on the glass and initiated the sequence. In 3 seconds, there was an opening just large enough for him to get through horizontally. The device literally "ate the glass" and then folded back into its pocket sized form. He tucked it back into his small backpack and punched out a code on his ‘watch’ he wore around his wrist. He rose a few inches and paused. He quickly pushed away from the building with his feet and swung back with flawless precision launching himself through the opening with his body in a straight line. As he swung in, the almost invisible cord that had supported him in the air and stopped his free-fall detached and he landed gracefully in a crouching position.

It felt so good to be starting tonight’s fun.

“I'm in, proceeding to objective" he said in a low voice, running off very quickly, following the map in his mind. He had memorized the profile like all the kids, but he had a significant advantage. He smiled to himself, happy that his abilities that once labeled him as a freak of nature were finally becoming useful.

His ‘spidey sense’ as he calls it, gave him some info and a few blips on his map at almost the same instant Ben’s voice spoke in his ear.

"There are 3 guards on out level. Do you see them?”

Gabriel kept his speed and silently ran up on the first guard, jumped and broke the guard's neck, without losing a second. He followed his internal map to the other two and took care of them as quickly as the first with demonic precision. ‘Angel of Death’ was what almost everybody referred to Gabby as and that is no understatement…

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