Monday, January 21, 2013

So Close Yet So Far Away

So first off I just want to say a word of thanks to all the people near and far that took the time to vote for me. We tried our best and you guys all surely showed your support and that's what kind makes me feel bad that I couldn't come through for y'all. However at the end of the day there must be winners and there must be losers. After all it was some stiff competition considering their were seventeen of us in the running for best lifestyle blog and I managed to come in 4th. Still a little depressed somewhat considering I had the most votes in my category I would have at least thought maybe I would have been second or at worst third if the Judges didn't like my blog much. I guess it wasn't good enough for what they consider to be a lifestyle blog; so I guess I can't be too upset since I primarily run a gaming blog and throw bits of lifestyle posts in for fun. I really think they need to rethink the grading scheme and maybe consider making it a 50/50 percent where online votes and judges votes are equally weighed instead of the 30/70 percent split that they did.

Now as you can clearly see from the picture above of the grading scheme they used I got screwed pretty hard because of that wide grading difference between online voting and personal judge scoring. Some how a blog that had the 5th lowest amount of votes won the award for best Lifestyle blog. Now i know this isn't politics and there is no guarantee that the most votes entitle you to winning but if they really are the best then why do they only have 20 votes in all? Shouldn't they have a large fan-base that supports them because they are a good and well known blog? If you think that's bad just wait cause there's more.

There is the grading scheme for my friend Shawn's category for best technology blog. Now I was almost certain this was a win for him because he had the most votes in his category and there were only five of them in that category. Surely with SEVEN HUNDRED AND SEVENTY SEVEN votes he can pull off a victory or at least an honorable finish right?

As you can see from the picture he placed fifth; out of five people, so that's last place with the most online votes. Yeah definitely think they need to rethink that grading scheme they gots going on there. I don't really want to drag this out so i'll just end that rant about the grading scheme with that. Moving right along...

Overall Event was pretty cool; considering I don't get out much. I enjoyed myself and wasn't thinking about my gaming too much so that was an interesting experience, you can check out some pictures I took on our Facebook page album. *(still carried my PSVITA as a backup plan just in case things went south)* Didnt  so much like the idea of having the event outdoors given the nature and unpredictability of the weather but the location was nice and classy. We were at the South Beach Cafe; home to Jamaica's only dedicated Daiquiri bar. I got a bit hungry and decided to try out the food there which I must say was pretty darn good but in Kingston that also translates to mean pretty damn expensive as well. Nevertheless our young gamer took it like a man and ordered some grub and swiped that company card like a boss to pay for his meal of Brompton Remoulade.

There were two booths present at the awards but I want to give a special mention to the Campus Clutter booth as they were very engaging and a service that needs to be highlighted. So essentially Campus Clutter is a hub for any and all university students that are in need of anything from books to housing to personal items. Campus Clutter is an online advertising platform that aims to improve and develop the campus environment and experience. They have a wide range of categories and features to suite your every campus need! If you’re interested in anything related to university life then simply click on the tab located on the dashboard and select your category of interest on their website they even have a Facebook page you can check out if you feel up to it. If you are in university or know someone who is you should definitely go check them out. Zalgo Cometh endorses this company...^_^

Well all in all I enjoyed the event and am glad to see an event of its caliber happening and growing year to year. They announced that for future Blog Awards they will be expanding it to include the entire Caribbean and not just Jamaica only. So that should be interesting to see maybe even host it in different islands every year and maybe fly out the top 3 finalists for each category to the respective island it is being held. Alas only time will tell what happens; for now i'm going back to what I do best, playing video games and...


January 22, 2013 at 11:50 AM

I think you still have the best blog Rion *wink wink* ~~~~~Raine

January 22, 2013 at 12:08 PM

awwww thanks a bunch. your hard work and support is greatly appreciated.

January 22, 2013 at 4:03 PM

Well I placed third so I guess in my case the grading scheme actually worked in my favour this time. But yeah they should rethink it

January 23, 2013 at 4:33 PM

yea was gud to ur benefit a ways.

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