Monday, October 1, 2012

We Gots Ourself A Winner

Special thanks to all the contestants that took the time to like our Facebook page and enter our video game giveaway. This video game blog was created by a gamer for the gamers. We also try to sprinkle in some more mainstream stuff that appeals to everyone so that we don't neglect anyone that comes our way; yes we do love ya'll that much. As such we here at In The Mind Of My Mind like to give back to the fans whenever we can to show our appreciation for your interest and support. We are growing slowly but surely with each day and its because of you all why we are dedicated to providing all the content you could ever want right at your fingertips via our YouTube Channel, blog, Facebook page and Twitter for almost two years now.

We got ourselves a winner folks; lets have a round of applause for Davve Mohlen. A 14 year old average swedish boy. He absolutely loves horror movies and games, cant live without them. He also produces some music in FL studio in his free time. Feel free to check out his YouTube channel at and show him some love. *cue canned applause* Well there you go, hope y'all continue to enjoy the content we put out on all our social media outlets. Feel free to comment, share, or like anything you take an interest in as it helps spread awareness of our YouTube Channel, blog, Facebook page and Twitter. Tell all your friends about us and help the page grow to new heights, maybe we can even make it to 500 likes someday who knows. Also special shout-outs and thanks to our glorious benefactor who donated the Skyrim game that was given away in this contest. In closing congratulations again to Davve and hope you enjoy the holy hell out of the game and all the new DLC that is being released for this truly epic game. 2011 GAME OF THE YEAR;  ELDER SCROLLS V SKYRIM!!!!! FUS RO DAH!!!!!!!

Davve Mohlen in the flesh...

Thanks For Stopping By