Friday, September 28, 2012

I Am Alive; Are You...?

Gameplay - 7/10
Storyline - 10/10
Graphics - 9/10
Game Score : 26/30

Today is the day I finally get to play another intensely story driven game that I love so much. Sweet mother of god I love a good story driven game, granted there are a few snags here and there with the game-play infrastructure I was so into the story I made do and trudged ahead. Anywhore thinking i'm going to approach this differently and keep it simple since this game has been out for a while. So lets look at the epic tale of I Am Alive...

The game takes place one year after America has gone through a massive disaster known simply as "The Event," which included earthquakes that destroyed most cities and areas. Due to the damage of the aftermath, many people are forced to go without resources. The government tries to help citizens, but their attempts are useless. Supplies become low and this causes citizens to become agitated, violent and bitter. A male survivor (who is never named in the game) travels to his old home of the fictional city Haventon, to rescue his wife Julie and daughter Mary.

The Good:

I love the story line behind this game, you really connect with the main character and all the ups and downs he has to go through as you progress through the game. Little by little you find yourself growing and shaping him as you encounter various situations where you have a choice in-front of you. From choosing to execute downed enemies to deciding if you want to give your supplies to injured people who you meet along the way. Even though it has no direct effect on the character growth in the game you feel connected to him to the point it feels like it does. In reference to the graphics on PC they are leagues ahead of the console release of this game as expected, which adds even more value to the overall experience of the game. The game has an emphasis on climbing and exploration. Every effort has a cost and, when engaging in physically demanding activities, such as climbing or jumping, it is critical to manage the main character's stamina for him to survive. By managing stamina skillfully players are rewarded by accessing hidden paths, resources and other survivors.

The Bad:

Some of the interactions especially for fight sequences can be a bit stiff. I found myself trying to do as I was instructed but for whatever reason it would not work. I feel that maybe it would have been easier if kills weren't interaction based but instead something you could do freely once you had your machete equipped. Granted that the game is a survival horror third person game and not a first person shooter i'll excuse this next point but I still have to make mention of it. The aiming mechanic for the gun in this game is in need of dire revision, way too many times I found myself missing targets I knew I was aiming on properly. The difficulty of the game itself at times can be daunting but that in itself is part of what makes it a good game.

The Ugly Truth:

The game is good. Not great but the story in and of itself is what carries it off so nicely. Maybe i'm being biased but I would like to think that people enjoy playing an engaging and interactive gaming experience. I would not recommend this game to the average casual gamer however even though there is an easy mode option that gives you unlimited retries. I feel that to truly experience what this game offers you have t be willing to experience the same type of survival risk that the character goes through. Knowing that you are low on supplies , retries, pitons, etc. can really change your frame of mind and the way you play the game as a whole.

Well that's it from us here at Zalgo_Cometh so feel free to check out our little game-play with commentary as always. So until next time; keep on gaming...

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