Monday, June 18, 2012

Real Recognize Real

This shit right here niggah; this shit right here; is another random Monday blog. Let the phuckery begin. So that green thingy ma bobby at the top of the screen is an award of sorts that I have been given by a fellow blogger. So in keeping with the idleness I will skip what I was going to write about and address this award. -ahem- "first of I wanna thank that imaginary guy upstairs that I see all the other people and rappers thank for awards from time to time. Wanna also send a shout-outs to my twitizens on twitter, my fans on Facebook, and my blog followers. Also big ups to my fellow blogger Dat Niggah Thurrr For everyone that didn't like me enough to support me y'all can go eat a dick; yes apparently that's a thing cause I even posted an article about it happening in China." With that being said lets follow through with the rest of this award thingy...

Stupid Ass Rules ~

     Ok lets get this done cause I wanna go play some Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Rules are as follows:

1: Add the award to your blog (done like a boss)

2: Thank the blogger who gave it to you. (done like a sir)

3: Mention 7 Random things about ones self..... (i got this dood)

1. I'm a retired rapper/dancer/actor.....(yeah that video up above was my first venture into YouTube)
2. I'm A Gamer; It's What I Do....
3. Straightup jacked this rule layout from Dat Nigguh Thurrr's blog cause why reinvent the wheel.
4. I wish I was a little bit taller.
5. I wish I was a baller.
6. If you haven't caught on to the joke in numbers 4 & 5 you have missed out on life.
7. I can most definitely tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue.
8. Because I don't give a shit about following rules; I wanna marry and have babies with my munchkin

4: List the rules (I ain't done yet; hold your horses)

5: Give the award to 15 or More Bloggers (Jesus Christ imma have to dig some shit up). For Entertainment purposes you may want to let the upcoming video play while you take the time to check out or bookmark the blogs I am about to make mention of:

     1. Introvert Mind :
        The Inner Machinations of My Mind are an Enigma...

     2. The Life And Times Of Daigo Kengo :

     3. Chunchimina :
         Just recently found out about this lady and her ways from twitter. Always a source of entertainment.

     4. Dramafied :
         A blog I had hoped to see continue on but sadly the owner seemingly gave up on pursuing it.

     5. Felonious Munk's Guerilla Comedy :
         A blog about life from a man that has experienced a lot in this life.

     6. My Views :
         A fellow tech junkie and philosopher of sorts. Always ready to brandish his thoughts but never his wine or chocolate.

     7. Super Street Fighter 4 Tutorials :
         Pretty detailed blog with videos on how to break into learning the game of Street Fighter 4.

     8. The House That Prudence Built - The Pupil :
         One of the realest intellectually capable doods I have had the luck to meet in my university life.

     9. Welcome to PSP Games Station :
         Awesome blog that has lots of downloadable games for modded PSP's.

     10. Nyu's Anime :
         All your anime needs in one convenient location

     11.Genesis Erotika :
         Erotic fan-fic stories for curious minds

     12. La Luna BlogSpot :
         Pretty informative and interesting blog for those literary inclined minds.

     13. Gizmodo :
         For all your up to the minute tech and technology updates and insight.

     14. MszRockstar :
         Hottest entertainment blog around. If you are an upcoming artist you need to holler at her.

     15. Jezebel :
         Your one stop shop for all the naughty informational tidbits you probably wont see anywhere else.

Well got this shit done in one go like the Epic Sax Guy I am. Feel free to comment and share my blog as always. As always if you are bored online feel free to check out our Facebook page where we post alot of content or follow us on Twitter so you can get updated on the go. Until then Team Rion is blasting off again...


June 18, 2012 at 11:14 PM

Followed the house of Prudence. seems like my kinda reading. and i wanna fallow that erotica one but ill do that when she starts posting lol and seeing that me and her in the same boat as it relates to employment im willing to wait (Y).

Yo! Mad Props to you dude for promoting the blogs bro. Mad Respect to ya!

June 18, 2012 at 11:52 PM

aite no prob do your thing boss.

June 18, 2012 at 11:52 PM

well i do what i can for my peoples its the only way to promote growth after all

June 20, 2012 at 11:07 PM

It still has the potential to blossom again i think my bug hits bk just dnt knw wen im gona start writing again bt Dramafied lives on, Thanx for recognizing me thou its awesome :D

June 22, 2012 at 1:33 PM

its all good. i rep for the peoples even if they aint repping for me. lol

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