Friday, June 15, 2012

Heroes Aren't Born; They Are Made...

Gameplay - 9/10
Storyline - 10/10
Graphics - 10/10
Game Score : 29/30

Welcome to another Friday video game review. Let me start of by saying apologies for not having a video play-through with commentary to entertain you this week. Sadly I have not the equipment to record console game-play so I have graciously found an equally just as entertaining play-through for you to enjoy if needs be. On a side note my editor is on a bit of a vacation so just pardon any grammar related errors I will undoubtedly make. Today we will be looking at inFamous 2; a PlayStation 3 exclusive game. If you own a PS3 then you should definitely try this game out if you are looking for a solid single player gaming experience. I played part 1 (inFamous) and was instantly sold on playing the sequel when the chance arose. Funny story I actually bought this game on sale on the PSN store literally 2 days before they announced at E3 that they were giving it away for free to PlayStation plus members. Talk about your bad timing but its cool, i'm supporting the industry I love how I can, and I got tonnes of sweet DLC (Downloadable Content) for a great price as a bonus. Anywhore lets get to the matter at hand.

Infamous 2, stylized as inFAMOUS 2, is a 2011 action-adventure open world video game for the PlayStation 3 video game console developed by Sucker Punch Productions and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It is a third person view game which helps give an easier control perspective as well  as enabling you to see more of your environment to make use of it. As with all sequels there is some back story involved so lets get that out the way for those who want to understand what exactly is taking place. 

Cole MacGrath

Infamous 2 takes place in a modern-day world where people with super human abilities, called Conduits, exist—created by a device called the Ray Sphere. The Ray Sphere unlocks these abilities in rare humans who possess the Conduit gene by siphoning away the energy of regular humans, killing them. The first such event granted electric-based abilities to Cole MacGrath, but devastated his home of Empire City. The event is part of a scheme instigated by Kessler, revealed to be Cole from an alternate future where a creature known only as the Beast has ravaged the world. Kessler fled the Beast with his family and they died as a result, forcing Kessler to use his newest power to go back in time and better prepare the Cole of the present. So now we start our new game in inFamous 2 as a new story unfolds; first thing that instantly makes me like this game is a practice that more sequels should employ. The game recognizes that you played through its predecessor and grants you bonus's to start your new game with essentially rewarding you for the hard work you put into its prequel.

Heres one of the kickass DLC I was talking about.
Improving upon a game for a sequel is never really an easy task as you try to find what made the game great and hold onto that while finding ways to improve on it and also change all the things that were bad. The development team the game almost made a huge error in wanting to revamp the character design of Cole MacGrath but thankfully fans spoke out and they listened and decided to just change his outfit and not his defining features. Another area that got a much needed boost in improvement was the cut-scenes and transitional phases of the game. In the original everything was mostly told through a type of comic strip transition; but in inFamous 2 there was more focus on motion captured cut-scenes to help immerse the player into a world they could relate to more. In addition to the cut scenes, the popular moral element that was introduced in the original also transferred over to the sequel, but with a higher emphasis on overall route of the game. As seen, the moral element will influence Cole's shirt, pants, and power color, with the classic hero blue and villain red returning. It will also influence Cole's skin condition, with heroic choices clearing his complexion and removing the scar on his face almost completely, whereas villainous choices will exaggerate his facial scars and cover his skin with tattoos. The karma choices also appear to influence what extra power Cole will begin to develop.

Yup; Beat The Game Like A Boss...

With all that being said I honestly enjoyed playing both the original and the sequel. I am very happy I chose this as my main Sony franchise exclusive to support. The sheer amount of content for this game is insane; from the side missions to the dynamic good or bad missions you get throughout the game, to the DLC, to the User Generated side missions that are in the game, it just almost seems overwhelming having that much to do. I swear sometimes I had to force myself to focus on the story based missions of the game because I would just get lost in my quest to complete everything. Everyone who is into video games knows that each console has a set of games typically referred to as console sellers. These are the game franchises that pull you into either buying a console or being the main game that you got to play on the console. For XBOX you have Halo and for Nintendo Wii you have Wii Fitness Plus I guess (obviously not much of a Wii fan, feel free to correct me in the comments). As far as PlayStation 3 goes I had 3 main game franchises of interest to choose from Uncharted, inFamous, and Resistance; after playing this game I know I made the right choice. Barring a few minor game-play issues I thoroughly enjoyed playing the game and will now go back to play the original inFamous to play through as an evil character as my first play-through was all good based. So without further ado and me praising the likes of Cole MacGrath enjoy the always entertaining stylistic game-play with commentary of DSP...

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