Monday, April 23, 2012

A Man/Woman's Worth

So I know I tend to be a bit naive or have too much faith in this thing we call humanity but just felt like ranting and getting this off my chest a bit. So today i'm just going to be talking about what I think relationship roles and such should be in contrast to what they sometimes are in this day and age. So before I forget my manners welcome to another random Monday blog, be forewarned this is my blog and my opinion and whether you agree or not i'm still going to be entitled to it as are you so feel free to comment and share your opinion as such and get others to read the blog and start spreading it around little by little. With that said let me top that off by saying; yes my grammar sucks, yes I am a bit naive to the workings of the real works and finally yes sometimes my cock pokes out from the leg of my boxers but that is besides the point right now. The main thing to remember is that in a true relationship you put your partners needs as a priority because your needs are their priority and this is what helps you both to coexist in bliss. So lets use the same medium that has brought us to this current dark place to help shed some light on how a relationship should be in reality; bearing in mind that no one is perfect but you should care enough to strive for perfection in yourself to be the perfect partner for your mate. So lets examine the ladies side of things first...

To this day this song is the quintessential example of what describes a perfection relationship in a sense for most men out there. Contrarily though a man may enjoy or want this but a real man knows that he is only deserving of this if he is playing the necessarily role he should be in the relationship. More on that later on. So this song goes through all the motions of explaining to women from women no less all that needs to be done to ensure your man is taken care of and catered to as is required in an ideal relationship. Notice the word ideal; get, got it, good. Now far be it from me to assume we live in a perfect ideal world where everyone does what they are to do and the find true love in one go but when you are past the stage of courting you need to for lack of a better term shit or get off the toilet. You can't just keep stringing along guys just so you can have your cake and eat it too; no man is perfect but that doesn't give you the right to date a bunch of guys that cover the varying weak areas of each other. Make a goddamn choice and stick to it; you can't just test the waters forever; jump in the fawking water and get wet for better or for worse. Relationships and peoples feelings aren't meant to be toyed with, if you know better you do better; granted sometimes that is hard, but you need to be a decent enough of a human being to want to try doing the right thing. 

Yes our society is fucked up, and yes not everyone is going to be the honorable type, but just like society has its own twisted set of morals, for every lie there is a grain of truth for your to judge and think on for yourself. The above pic is a prime example of those twisted morals i made reference too because some people actively believe that picture and not realize its just a satirical joke. Some may see this song as a means of trying to belittle the feminist movement and independence and blah blah blah but let me make mention that these are the same women that sang that famous song about being an Independent Woman. Somehow seemingly justifiable that Cater To You still has more views by far than that song; food for thought. However you want to look on it whether you think its chauvinistic or not bare this in mind. If you are religious I think it says somewhere in that story book of yours that God made Eve as a companion for Adam so it comes back to the whole doing the right thing by our partner and not partners. Secondly if your not of religious affiliation then take a look through history; there has been one civilization that was based on women being in charge and fighting against men (The Amazons) last time I checked only Amazons I see are on TV in an occasional episode of Xena Warrior Princess so that's not the best path to choose. Jokes aside no one is telling you to be a slave or put someone before yourself; all i'm saying is that for the one person you are with you should want to without the person having to tell you to.

With that long rant out the way it would be unfair of me to not touch on the males and their role in all of this. Again I will use a music video to help illustrate the example of how a real man should approach relationships. As the title of the blog states you should be able to know and appreciate a woman's worth from the mere fact that you were raised by one; even if you weren't directly then through the upbringing of your father or father's father and so on some rudimentary vales should have been implanted along the way. Real men don't abuse women, whether verbally, mentally, physically or emotionally; plain and simple as that. Women are almost literally meant to be your better half that completes you as a whole individual. So why would you want to mistreat yourself? That's probably why they say you can't love another person until you learn to love yourself. Granted you have some of us men who have been turned into assholes whether because we have been done wrong or because we figured nice guys finished last but at the end of the day nice guys finish last because they put their woman first as corny as it sounds. Yet again we come full circle to a popular saying I like to tell people; "if you know the right thing , then simply do the right thing". You would be surprised how far effort will get you in life, you might not be perfect but if you can try to be for the sake of your woman then I see no reason why the world can't be that much a better place as far as relationships go. You may feel the need to as the saying goes be fruitful and multiple but that doesn't mean you actually have to do it; don't you think that's been the norm for too many generations already.

This new trend of swag and cockiness and being a player isn't really new; as a matter of fact its been outdated and regurgitated and people need to realize its just the same shit on a different day. Having girls 99 girls may seem cool and potentially more profitable if you plan on being a pimp but in reality you only need one girl to be complete. A 'heart' splits in two whenever broken perfectly down the middle as far as typical conventions go. It never willingly shatters so it can be given to 99 different girls or however much given the circumstance. If you have class and conduct yourself as a gentleman then you will in turn attract a suitable lady; granted some are somewhat damaged goods (for lack of a better phrase don't get your panties in a bunch ladies) but if its meant to be then your gentlemanly ways if received and reciprocated will get the job done. Which is why its important to break the cycle of bad relationships and media hype and get back to the basics of what a relationship is supposed to be. Two people devoted to each other and caring for the other before them self because they in turn are fully taken care of without having to do anything. She should literally make you want to try harder to be a better man for her; the ladies also need to pay more attention to nice guys and less to assholes just because they are sociologically popular. With that being said I leave you with a final music video for your viewing pleasure to echo this point...

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program already in progress...


April 26, 2012 at 9:46 PM

I do agree with a lot of the stuff you said but, the reason nice guys finish last is not because they put their girls first its because they take bullshit from their gfs. Nice guys need to let their women know they aint gonna put up with their crap because that is not putting your woman first that is letting her trample all over you big difference ...# JustSaying

April 26, 2012 at 9:52 PM

i get what you are saying but in reference to that it comes back to what i made mention to of it being a two way street where the woman knows what she should be doing and obviously she should not be trying to take advantage of the mans niceness and mistake it for weakness.

April 28, 2012 at 10:24 AM

firstly, i do agree that each partner is suppose to put their partners first if u claim to be in a relationship with that person but there are times that we females cannot do that n have to put ourselves first in order to please u men in the future but sometimes yall men dont even understand n get fed up n think that its always right to put our partners first no matter whatever circumstances or problems we face. And is not every guy gets toyed with as long as that woman care for them.
next is that wanting to do things for your partner is a good thing without the other telling them but for a female its not all the time the men can get that treatment we r not robots n u urself says humans r not perfect. we do try our best but sometimes the same men we date dont think that we r trying and dont appreciate what they got n be patient for other times and how much more we can give them in the foreseeing future.
there are some things i dont c the reason to put in ur blog but as u said its ur opinion n this is my opinion and so be it.

April 28, 2012 at 10:48 AM

Wen u say sometimes u cnt put ur partner first thur should be consideration to compromise to make a way to still make it work because u should want it as bad as ur partner. Also didn't mean literally every guy gets toyed with it is just seemingly becoming more prevalent in our society as the years go by and more men/women are taken advantage of. By no means is anyone suggesting or saying u are to be a robot and considering you are ina relationship with someone you decided tob be with nothing should seem like that much of a task or bother that you would liken it to being a robot for your partner. That totally misses and defeats the whole point of the discussion being geared towards both partners commonly working towards the betterment and benefit of each other. In addition to ur robot point and. Not doing things all the time it is also fair to note that obviously you won't always be in the perfect position to do things which makes it even more essential to capitalize and maximize the opportunities you are presented with regardless of would be circumstances and future intentions as no ones future/tomorrow is guaranteed. Lastly yea some stuff may not seemingly have a legitamate point but the point of it is just for comedic value as a space filler just as a bad example of anything is still an example of sumthin.

April 28, 2012 at 11:18 AM

yes there are considerations to be compromised if a situation arises but if this is done and there is still a misunderstanding between both partners wats the point in the first place? what is there to be done next?

April 28, 2012 at 11:51 AM

The point is the commitment u made to the person and whatever track record u have with ur partner that determines how hard u need to try to prove ur love and keep a consistent track record of support and adoration for your partner. This is why I made mention in the blog to both partner playing their parts so tht the relationship can flow smoothly as a cohesive unit and not have to constantly be compromising and such from one person instead of both parties involved. As far as doing things next tht shouldn't be an issue because if you kno better you should be doing better to not be in tht kind of situation. Granted human beings are imperfect tht still doesn't give you a justifiable reason to use tht as an excuse whenever things dnt go the way they are meant to cause tht is just a cop-out to alleviate responsibility on a self sufficient level.

April 28, 2012 at 6:28 PM

without compromise the relationship cant run smoothly n the last sentence u said should be listened to more n if without 1 the other cant function properly 1 has to pull the other n help the other

April 28, 2012 at 6:56 PM

Compromises are from both sides not mostly just one side. Thur has to be balance or the relationSHIP is bound to sink. And yes the other is thur to show support and help but that partner also has to take initiative and make the move to pull they weight so that everything is not left to they partner to pull.

April 28, 2012 at 8:31 PM

so the person who is complaining is the only one that thinks that they r the only one thats doing work in the relationship. dont u think that the other person is doing the same. and as far as im concerned is only the person that complains anly think they r compromising which doesnt seem fair to me.

April 28, 2012 at 9:29 PM

No the person tht is complaining is the person tht is complaining because they see something that seems wrong to them. Plain and simple. whether or not someone feels like they are doing more or less depends on the individuals history of proving themself and capitalizing on moments as such.

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