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Unanswered Questions Can Finally Be Answered

Gameplay - 9/10
Storyline - 7/10
Graphics - 7/10
Game Score : 23/30

You guys know I love y'all  right? I really wanna be playing the shit outta this game but I am trying to take a little time to write this review for y'all to check out so y'all better appreciate this shit. The game was released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on March 6, 2012 in North America and March 9, 2012 in Europe. The game features characters from both the Street Fighter franchise and Namco's Tekken series. As the game is being made by Capcom, with Namco being involved more in the licensing of the Tekken cast, the gameplay will be based on the 2D gameplay of Street Fighter as opposed to the Tekken series, and will feature projectile moves such as the Hadouken. Namco is currently producing their own take on the crossover, Tekken X Street Fighter, which will follow their 3D style of gameplay. The PC version will be released on May 11, 2012 in North America and May 14, 2012 in Europe, and the PlayStation Vita version is set for release in fall 2012.

To date I believe this is the most jam packed fighting game Capcom has undertaken. With the wide variety of modes, characters and content it goes without saying that your hands will be full playing this game for a while. The center of the conflict between the Street Fighter and Tekken universes is a cubical object that crash-lands in Antartica. The object is of a mysterious origin and researchers worldwide are unable to determine what purpose it serves. The only thing that can be understood is that when beings come into conflict around this object, it releases a water-like energy that brings more power to the combatants. Due to the object's tendency to react to conflict between beings, they name it "Pandora". Whilst a standard story is given to most combinations of fighters, specific teams, such as Ryu & Ken or Kazuya & Nina, receive their own unique story elements and rival battles.

Being developed by Capcom, the core gameplay is similar to that of the Street Fighter series, incorporating elements such as Super Combos and EX Attacks. Players each choose two fighters from the Street Fighter or Tekken series, both sets of characters are controlled using the Street Fighter 6-button system. These fighters can be switched out normally, or during certain combos. As fights go on, players build up power in a three sectioned meter at the bottom of the screen referred to as the "Cross Gauge", which allow the player to perform various techniques depending on how much of the gauge is filled, such as EX Attacks, Cancels, Super Arts and various Cross techniques detailed below. Street Fighter X Tekken features two new game mechanics: the Gem System and Pandora Mode. Players equip up to three gems to their characters, which provide different stat boosts depending on the type of gem. Six varieties of gems exist: attack, defense, speed, vitality, assist, and Cross Gauge. Each gem and its effects are designated by a specific color, and will activate as the players fulfill certain conditions during battle. When a character on a player's team has less than 25% health remaining, that character can be sacrificed in order to activate Pandora Mode, which gives the remaining fighter increased strength and an infinite Cross Gauge. However, this state has a time limit and the player will automatically lose if he/she cannot defeat the opponent before the Pandora state runs out.

As I mentioned before this game is chock full of content and none ever so more apparent than on the character roster. This game boasts a full 'confirmed' roster of 55 fighters, this is Capcoms' biggest roster since Marvel vs Capcom 2 that had 56 fighters. Even though this has been a main source of disbarment in the fighting game community everyone is happy to see the large cast of fighters; we just don't appreciate the way Capcom is going about releasing them (read more here). Another feature I want to make honorable mention of is the tutorial mode that gives you a very detailed and brisk introduction to the world of Street Fighter X Tekken. It is very comprehensive and easy to follow and I am sure newcomers to the fighting game scene will be able to pick up this title very easily as it is catered to be highly accessible no matter your skill level. Finally I want to make mention of a personal favorite mode of mine called Scramble mode; this mode basically give you the option to have 4 players on screen duking it out all at once in a battle free for all where you and your partner share a life bar. This is reminiscent of the days gone by when Street Fighter Alpha came out with a mode called Dramatic battle which was very akin to this. Well I think I have rambled on enough; don't wanna get too detailed here and spoil the game for you; its definitely worth the buy/play and I hope you find the time to do so; until then you can watch some of this crappy game-play footage I recorded in my excitement...


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Scramble Mode TO THE WERL!!!!

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yea scramble mode is mad fun

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