Monday, April 2, 2012

A Lot Is Happening For This April Fools Season

So yeah; here we are after another April fools day; its definitely been a busy day for gaming in general and other things I care about. Most noteworthy would be Wrestlemania, an announcement concerning the making of Mortal Kombat vs Killer Instinct, and one of the most well known porn company in the world (Brazzers) making moves to join the fighting game community.

So Wrestlemania 28 took place and honestly I was a bit disappointed as to how it all turned out so not much to say regarding it. A lot of gimmicky matches and matches that didn't turn out the way I was hoping for but it is what it is. Still entertaining nonetheless and worth the 4 hours of watching as well as seeing the Hall of Fame Induction ceremony candidates. The big highlight was the epic faceoff between The Rock and John Cena; definitely a must watch for any old school wrestling fans.

Not much to say about this either but there was a tweet made by Ed Boon who everyone who has ever played Mortal Kombat should know well that he got the green light to make Mortal Kombat vs. Killer Instinct and is expecting a 2013 release date. Hopefully this is completely legit and not just an Aprils fools joke but who knows, only time will tell.

Well known Fighting Game Community activist L.I. Joe shares news on his live stream of a potential sponsorship by porn mega company Brazzers. In a surprise move that originally started as a joke, Long Island Joe has received a sponsorship from pornography company Brazzers. Brazzers has also stated they are considering getting more involved with the fighting game community including events and other potential sponsorships. The ramifications of this sponsorship are very debatable since the only details known is the sponsorship itself. What that entails from him as a player and what it means for Brazzers involvement in the fighting game community is currently unknown.

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