Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Japan; So Important To So Many...

This has been a trying and stressful week for many people for a variety of reasons; yet it is simply amazing how so many lives can be affected by something halfway around the world. From gamers, to people with relatives or friends in Japan, to random Christians or other religiously affiliated people. As everyone should know by now (unless you have been living under a rock somewhere) Japan was hit by a really bad earthquake as well as a subsequent tsunami triggered by the aforementioned earthquake which devastated various prefectures in Japan (Prefectures are like, in the US you have states, in Canada you have provinces, in Japan they have prefectures.) Everyone is doing what they can in their own little way to help; take a look at this creative idea:

Gamers have been hit the hardest I would imagine, as Japan is the center of the world when it comes to gaming and technology but there has been a massive outpouring by various gaming companies to help the relief effort in Japan. In hopes of quickly turning the situation around, many game companies are doing what they can to contribute to the relief effort. 

  1. Nintendo and Sony have donated around $3,697,870 USD and Sony has also donated 30,000 radios.
  2. Namco Bandai: Donation of ¥100 million through parent Bandai Namco Group. The company will also be suspending operations in arcades where power conservation is needed, and will be holding back on events. 
  3. 5pb: will slash the price of iOS Memories Off 6 T-Wave from ¥2,000 to ¥350 and will donate all sales of the app through March 31.
  4. Tecmo Koei: Donating ¥10 million to Japan Red Cross. Also taking donations from employees and the general public.
  5. Sega Sammy: Donating ¥200 million.
  6. Capcom is donating ¥100 million to help victims of the earthquake that hit the Tohoku region of Japan this past week. A donation program has been set up so that the sales of Street Fighter 4 for the iPhone will go towards aid. From March 15 and the week following, the worldwide sales of SF4 will also be donated. The game only costs $0.99 USD or ¥115.
  7. Konami has shut down Metal Gear Online servers and Square Enix has shut down Final Fantasy XI and XIV servers, at least temporarily, in order to help conserve electricity in light of Japan’s heavily damaged power grid.
All thoughts, well wishes, hearts, and prayers go out in full force to the nation of Japan as they begin the slow road to recovery. Your determination, will and level of order is recognized and applauded as your country faces this time of turmoil. 

With that being said time to end this blog on a pleasant note; i'm sure we can all relate to this next video whether directly or indirectly. Now supposedly this kid has been bullied for roughly his entire grade school life and it continues into him starting high school where he finally snaps and defends himself. This video has been steadily getting passed around and i'm pretty sure has gone viral since it started this week; as with all things in life lets look at this from a gamer's perspective. Enjoy...

LIttle Zangief (zangief kid) Street Fighter... by shadosw

Sadly this story doesn't have a happy ending as supposedly the kid being bullied was suspended from school for fighting, but I can bet he is sitting at home with a big smile on his face knowing he whooped some serious ass. Shoutouts to my boy Behrudy for letting me know about this video.


March 17, 2011 at 12:44 AM

DA Zangief vid bad looooooooooool

March 17, 2011 at 12:53 AM

ikr. i knew someone wud make the connection sooner or later

March 17, 2011 at 3:25 PM

dwl thats funny

March 18, 2011 at 7:05 PM

HONK!!!!!!!!!!! thats $10 for japan. i was ignored seriously no 1 knew me or wanted me around. yup thats me.

March 18, 2011 at 9:10 PM

Poll asking if you were a bully or bullied in school ended with 5 people voting that they were neither and 2 that they were bullied.

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