Saturday, February 26, 2011

For The Harry Potter Inside All Of Us

Gameplay - 9.5/10
Storyline - 8.5/10
Graphics - 8/10
Game Score : 26/30

Welcome to the wonderfully whimsical world of Wizard 101. Wizard101 is a Free Online Multiplayer Wizard school adventure game with collectible card magic, wizard duels, and far off worlds. A surprisingly fun take on the Harry Potter-esque phenomenon that became so popular in previous years. Players take on the role of students in a few worlds to save the 'Spiral', and battle a variety of creatures by casting spells using a turn-based combat system similar to collectible card games such as Yu-gi-oh. Players advance in the game by accepting quests to learn new spells, gain equipment, and collect gold.

This is a great game for newcomers to the world of MMORPG's and is ideal for both children and adults alike. At its most base level it is a fun, stylishly animated game whose characters and battle sequences will appeal to most if not all children while, maintain enough of a strategic fighting system of varying levels to appeal to the more technical adult player. Departing from the relatively open-ended nature of many massively multiplayer online games, Wizard101 follows a relatively linear storyline that revolves around the player's character, a novice wizard joining the Ravenwood school of Magical Arts (it is hinted that the character is from earth when it is stated by Headmaster Ambrose that they are "from a world without magic"). Upon arrival, before even beginning with his or her enrollment, the new wizard comes face to face with the main villain in the game, a previous faculty member, Malistaire Drake. 

Typically online gaming is not exactly safe for minors as one does not know the real person behind a character. However several features have been implemented to protect younger players in the online world; Parents must activate controls for players under 13, including setting levels for interaction with other players in the world. Three different levels of chat are available. At the most restricted level, players select from a menu of pre-defined phrases, and players using this option can only see menu chat from other players. At the next level, players may type what they want, as long as the words are available in the game’s dictionary. If a word is not present in the dictionary, or part of a forbidden phrase, such as asking another player’s age, it will not be visible. This game is one that has raised the bar of gaming to a new level balancing fun and age appropriateness to make a game that is sure to please one and all. Go out and take the plunge into Wizard 101; it may be as close a chance of being Harry Potter as you may ever get.....    

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