Monday, February 28, 2011

Shooting Shit Never Seemed So Cool

Gameplay - 9.5/10
Storyline - 9/10
Graphics - 9.5/10
Game Score : 28/30

Well in a time where we find first person shooter (FPS) games leaning towards being military, boy-scout goody two shoes based; its refreshing to see a gritty, grimy, gratuitously based FPS form the lovely people over at People Can Fly and Epic GamesBulletstorm takes place in the 26th century, where the Confederation of Planets are protected by a secret black-ops army called Dead Echo. The story follows space pirate Grayson Hunt, voiced by Steve Blum, and his cyborg partner Ishi Sato, who were both dishonorably discharged from Dead Echo after they were betrayed by their commanding officer, General Sarrano. Ten years later, after a spontaneous and liquor-induced attempt to take revenge on the General and his forces, Hunt's and Sato's ship crash-landed on the planet Stygia, a former resort planet now overrun with meat-eating plants, feral mutant tribes, criminals, and Godzilla-sized monsters.

Grayson Hunt Model

The main character Grayson Hunt is really likable as a protagonist and many times you may find yourself chuckling at his idle banter with Ishi and solo dialogue. You can easily connect to his point of view and feelings throughout the game as the story unfolds and you  uncover bit by bit his past and views on life. Even though he typically does things in a manner not conducive of your typical game hero you see that at its core he does it for the right reason and this is what makes him likable as a main character. Well that and the fact that he looks like Hugh Jackman that starred as Wolverine in the X-Men movies; but hey you be the judge for yourself.

Bulletstorm is truly a breath of well anticipated foul mouthing bad-assery that is sure to please any hardcore gamer to the maximum level. This game definitely deserves its 18+ rating with all the explicitly colorful language that is present in the vast gaming universe. This game give the player a wide collage of 'skill-shot kills' to explore brining a whole new dimension to the term pick your poison. From head-shots to crotch shots, to busting a cap in someone's ass Bulletstorm truly lets you play out your most depraved killing fantasies. This game is without a doubt a must own game for gamers who like to shoot everything that moves. With that being said i'm going to get back to randomly shooting the shit out of everything in breathtaking Unreal Engine graphics. So ill see you next time....on a side note when you use the leash weapon yell out "COME HERE" or "GET OVER HERE" for added fun.

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March 1, 2011 at 12:13 AM

that was awesome and ea he does av a lil ting like hugh jackman :D bt i like shooting games wish i get to play some soonn n u wud be able to teach me a few moves too :)

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