Monday, September 2, 2013

Time To Do Something For Me

Well small blog update today as this is the first week I have had anytime to myself since my boss is back from vacation. Finally some me time. Just in the nick of time too as its about that time of year when I treat myself for all the hard work and responsible behaviour I have been doing. First treat for myself was after securing my first job at a corporation and I bought myself a PS3 and oh how I love it so. It has served me well and gotten me through some real bad times over the year plus that it has been a part of my family. 

Then last year Black Friday in November I bought myself a PSVITA as another inclusion to the Rion family of gaming. Which as of writing this has brought me many hours upon hours of sheer bliss and convenience having portable gaming at my fingertips. It has come in handy and saved me from many a boring outings and never leaves my side once I venture out into the great unknown called the outdoors away from the safety of my gaming sanctuary. The world can be a pretty fucked up place but having a PSVITA makes it so much better ^_^.

So this year with Black Friday looming and around the corner I figure it's high time I built a new PC. Enter step one of a 10 step project that will culminate on my birthday in December that I have dubbed Project Isis. Granted this project will be long and arduous fraught with many a challenges and stress but  hopefully it will be the push towards happiness I need to make it through the rest of this year. In any case my current machine code named Xenos was birthed into this world in 2007 and since then we have come a long way and fought many battles to keep it up and running from bad parts to acts of God in the form of lightning bolts. Hopefully all goes according to plan and I will be able to make this dream of happiness a reality and be able to keep doing all the things I love doing. Anywhore that's all I gots for you today so all the best to you in your endeavours as well and just do you and enjoy life...


September 5, 2013 at 8:16 AM

So like wha you plan fi do with the current machine... i could use one for my own gaming pleasure (Y)

September 6, 2013 at 9:31 PM

well if you wanna buy it you are free to find the money to pay for. lol

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