Friday, September 6, 2013

The Ultimate Battle On The Go

Game Mechanics - 1.5/2
Story-line - 1.5/2
Graphics - 1.5/2
Soundtrack - 1.5/2
Replay Value - 2/2
 Total Score - 8/10

Two worlds collide in the end all be all battle for supremacy as we see the Marvel universe take on the Capcom universe. Granted this game has been out for a while but it was just recently on sale on the PSN Store at the all time low price of $10.00 for Playstation Plus members. This is a great addition to any PS Vita collection and thats half the reason for this review. A great game for any Marvel/Capcom fan as well no matter where your allegiances lie. Not much to say about this game that has not been said already by other reviewers since it has been out for a while now but lets get to it.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is a crossover fighting game developed by Capcom. It is an updated version of Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. Roughly 8 or so months after the games' initial release the scheduled downloadable content for the original game, and the additional content was made into a standalone title for a discount retail price. Tied into this release was also the PSVITA version of the sequel as a launch title for the PSVITA. The game has currently sold over 188,000 units worldwide for the PSVITA. The game is a tried and true port of the console original with a few tweaks here and there to add some pizzaz to the handheld version. Most notable changes include: 
  1. Battle and watch electrifying matches via Wi-Fi multiplayer.  
  2. Interactive touch-screen allows for effortless command of action.  
  3. Start with one gold costume and collect them all from nearby friends and foes using the Near feature.  
  4. Replay Analyzer lets you download matches to assess and refine your skills.  
  5. Share your DLC from your PlayStation®3 system to your PlayStation®Vita system for free. 
  6. Use your PlayStation®Vita system to control your PlayStation®3 system and gain access to new control schemes. 
  7. See who's on top of the heap with 3G leaderboard viewing. 

Let us not forget to make mention of the 12 characters added to this updated release of the original game (as seen in above picture; left to right) Vergil, Strider Hiryu, Nemesis, Frank West, Phoenix Wright, Firebrand, Dr. Strange, Ghost Rider, Hawkeye, Iron Fist, Rocket Raccoon, And Nova.

What’s Good:
Game Mechanics -  Touch screen combo system helps ease newcomers into the game and makes it a fun experience that anyone can enjoy. Even though this lowers the difficulty bar for players there is still a lot to master on the road to becoming truly skilled at the game. once the general basics have been learned you can easily transfer that skill to manual combos that open up a whole new world of combos.

Story-line - Wide range of character types to choose from both universes. From big to small to weird there is a character to fit your fighting style each with their own reasons for fighting in this grand display of dominance.

Graphics - Pound for pound a very crisp representation of the console version. Smooth fluid graphics on the go to enjoy the same console experience you know and love. 

Soundtrack - All the hype character music is present and accounted for ready to be enjoyed on the go as you take on all challengers.

Replay Value - With such a large and diverse cast of 50 characters there is much to be enjoyed. Add to that various modes of play and online ranked battles, and you will quickly realize this game is gonna take you for a ride!

What’s Bad:
Game Mechanics - The main long standing complaint of the series still has not been addressed which is the sub-par netcode used for the online aspect of the game. This is even more so of noticeable as the PSVITA relies solely on a wireless communication method for online gaming.

What Should Have Been Added:
Functionality to the right analog stick would have been nice so that it could possible set to call assists based on the directional input. This might have helped alleviate the shortage of buttons available like on the console controller.

Final Thoughts:
Definitely a worthwhile game to add to your PSVITA library if you are into fighting games. With its appeal to comic fans and fighting game fans there is no doubt this game is easy and accessible from any standpoint. Compound this with the fact that it has been out for a while and is available on sale you really don't need much more incentive to get this title.

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