Saturday, July 27, 2013

Really Wish RIPD The Game Had Stayed Dead

Game Mechanics - 1/2
Story-line - 0/2
Graphics - 1/2
Soundtrack - 0/2
Replay Value - 0.5/2
 Total Score - 2.5/10

Welcome to another Friday video game review here with your friendly neighborhood gamer; Zalgo_Cometh. Playing so many video games over the years has definitely been an enjoyable experience. So many classics along the way and truly memorable games. Sadly though every now and again you get a real disappoint game-play experience that just overall sucks and leave a bad taste in your mouth. It saddens me that my 250th blog post had to be on a game I didn't enjoy in the least. I was so excited for this movie and kinda excited for this game as I was expecting to play through the movie plot which seemed like a decent premise from the trailers. Plus I am a sucker for a Ryan Reynolds movie but boy was I in for a bucketful of disappointment. Not only did the movie bomb according to reviews but after playing the game I can say the same about it as well. So lets have a look at RIPD: The Game.

This video game based on the film titled R.I.P.D. The Game was released on July 16, 2013 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The game is a co-op third-person shooter set around a survival mode. It was developed by Old School Games. The game doesn't waste any time on a story aside from a brief montage of illustrated stills at the beginning, because quite frankly there is no story mode in this game. It is entirely a co-operative run and gun game based on fighting waves of enemies over and over again collecting golden scraps along the way. Is there any fun at all in R.I.P.D.? Only in the sense that misery loves company. If you and a friend were so unlucky as to pick up R.I.P.D. together, there's some generic shooter fun in clearing the levels as well as in performing simple acts of teamwork, like hitting one of the car-door-wielding deados from behind while your buddy distracts it.

What’s Good:
Pretty much the only good thing about this game was the potential of the premise on which they failed horrible to bring to life. This game is almost so bad you have to try to force yourself to get excited and try to like it.

What’s Bad:
Every thing you can imagine falls short in this game. There is no engaging story-line for you to connect and care about the characters and their struggles. The soundtrack is lack luster and highly non-immersive. This game also has little to no replay value and since there is no attachment to the characters or a story-line you wont feel compelled to play through the game a second time. The controls are clunky and non-intuitive as you fumble along trying to kill demons in the most efficient manner while rationing your ammunition to the best of your ability.

What Should Have Been Added:
An actual plot and story-line based on the comic book series or the movie would have made this game at the very least average.

Final Thoughts:
This game had me hyped I ain't even gonna lie but in the end it is just another movie tie in game release and as any experienced gamer can tell you 9/10 times its going to suck. This release sadly sucked way more than anyone could have imagined and we sadly have to live with it. I didn't even bother recording the usual game-play with commentary because this game was just so bad I didn't want to have anymore to do with it. Found a substitute though so at least he will get some extra views on his video I guess. Take a look...

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