Friday, May 24, 2013

Too Fast? Too Furious?

Game Mechanics - 1/2
Story-line - 1.5/2
Graphics - 1/2
Soundtrack - 1.5/2
Replay Value - 1/2
 Total Score - 6/10

Greetings puny pink flesh-bags; how goes yet another Friday of your existence? Being that its Friday we all know what that means; no not dinner at TGIF but a new video game review from your friendly neighborhood gamer Zalgo_Cometh. With all the buzz and hype behind the new Fast & Furious 6 movie you can imagine my surprise when I discovered they were also releasing a game for it as well. Now it is a well known fact in the video game world that games released just to cash in on the premise of a movie and its subject matter usually suck, a lot. So I was pretty much going into this expecting the worst; why do I do it you ask, because I love y'all guys. Through good game and bad till internet connection do us part. So lets see how fast and furious we can get...

So right off the bat if you are a repeat visitor here you know above is where the game trailer would go but this game is so unknown or not marketed properly that I just couldn't find a proper trailer to put here on the blog. Well that or my fatigue is kicking in and I just got tired of looking after about half an hour; the point is it shouldn't be that hard to find a freaking game trailer. Definitely not a good sign of things to come for this game but I forged ahead and started playing through it. This is a cooperative racing video game, which was scheduled for release on May 21, 2013. Developed by Firebrand Games and published by Activision for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Wii U, Xbox 360 and Nintendo 3DS, the game's story ties into the events in Fast & Furious 6, including bridging the events between the story of the film and those of its predecessor Fast Five, as well as the story of other films in the franchise. 

What’s Good:
Story-line: The game intertwines pretty much all the previous Fast and Furious storyline's and has you play different random plot points in the story.

Soundtrack: Pretty decent variety of music reminiscent of the street racing lifestyle. Found myself singing along with a couple songs while playing to be honest.
What’s Bad:

Game Mechanics: The driving physics are sub par, the shooting sections of the game leave  you wondering if it even really matters how and where you aim.

Graphics: Not much to make mention of, in all honesty there was another Fast & Furious game released before this one for iOS and Android and the Graphics in that look better to me than this that was released on consoles and PC. 

Replay Value: Not much replay value cause if you already know the story-line of the Fast & Furious universe there isn't much else left once you play through the first time to hold your attention.
What Should Have Been Added:

Maybe an actual third person story mode where you pick a character and play through their role in the Fast and Furious story-line. 

Final Thoughts:
This game didn't really need to exist; at the very least what they should have done was combine both aspects of the games they released on console and mobile platforms to make one big proper game. Its always a shame when studios release a game just to cash in on the hype of a movie release. So much wasted potential for what could have been a good opportunity. In any case fans of the series will enjoy it for a couple of hours whether they have watched the new Fat & Furious 6 or not. I personally recommend you watch the movie first before playing the game though so you can appreciate what little the game offers as far as a plot goes. Go ahead and check out our game-play with commentary below.

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