Friday, March 8, 2013

On The Road To Recovery

So as you all would know if you read my blog on Monday; I have been crazy sick but thankfully am well on my way on the road to recovery. At the very least i'm stronger than yesterday; but alas with my condition I could not adequately review any games this week and as such we have no Friday video game review this week. Fear not however as this enables us to focus on getting better so the upcoming task at hand is well addressed when our pre-ordered game arrives and we review the holy hell out of it. You can also look forward to a very special un-boxing video when it gets here so no worries. We might be missing out this week but i'll surely make it up to you next week. So just hold tight; your friendly neighborhood gamer is on his way back...

On a side note if you still need a bit of gaming to enjoy your Friday night feel free to check out our latest episode of "Believe In The Shield" on our YouTube channel.

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