Monday, February 18, 2013

A Woman Who Understands?

Yup its definitely feeling like one of those days. Had semi kinda promised to do a follow up to this blog post I made about what makes a good girlfriend so to speak; you can find that here ( Sadly however I couldn't find a female open enough and willing enough to share her experiences so I had kind of put it off. To my surprise I stumble upon today while surfing the interwebs, an old video a girl had made giving females out there some sound advice as to how to be good women to their men. This video has been circling the internet for a bit now and sparks heated controversy wherever it goes. Men everywhere mostly love it and females everywhere mostly hate it; so I figured why not share it on my blog and see if I can't get some people to talk about it and maybe even educate some females on how simple it can be to please/keep a man. So without further adieu I present for your viewing pleasure...

Feel free to send this video or the blog post itself to any and everyone you feel will have an opinion. I got to admit that I have a hard time disputing what she is saying as a man; plus she is the one saying these things not a man or a man forcing her to. This may not be concrete advice that works for every man in the world but i'll be damned if it wont work for most of us. The interesting thing about this video is that, its not like its a man saying this stuff but a woman so its not like we as a gender are being sexist or selfish. This female genuinely believes what she is saying and a lot of men out there downright agree and support her words 150%. In keeping with the knowledge being dropped on the ladies tonight as well as this being an outlet for any man reading to direct other ladies to a source of knowledge they can accept or reject. Here is a list a friend of mine made from a male standpoint of things that go through a guys mind in a relationship:

"Why men avoid dating Hot women.....Disadvantages Of Dating A Beautiful Woman"

10) Other men will try to sleep with her.

While you can hopefully trust that your friends won't try to get her in the sack, distant colleagues and casual acquaintances are another matter. Unlike your buddies, they don't owe you any loyalty, and may not respect the fact that your girlfriend is, well, your girlfriend.
Their primal instincts will take over and they won't be able to stop themselves from putting the moves on her when your back is turned. Actually, some of them may not even wait that long.

9) You'll fight with guys you don't even know.

This brings me to my second point. If another man starts to put the moves on your woman, and you tell him to back off, and he doesn't, things may get ugly. Even if you were formerly a pacifist, and a gentleman, the male attention that your woman will constantly garner will have you learning Muay Thai in no time.

8) You'll become jealous and possessive.

So, you're not the jealous type? Think again; this woman will turn you green in no time. Even if she is 100% faithful, the fact that good-looking guys are always ogling her and talking to her will drive you nuts. Pretty soon, you may find yourself not wanting her to talk to anyone but you, which will eventually drive her nuts. Brace yourself, my friend.

7) No one will notice you in her presence.
When the two of you make an entrance, others may not even notice that you are there at all. Everyone's eyes will be on her, and you will inevitably fall into oblivion. If you aren't the insecure, attention-seeking type, this may not bother you. In fact, you'll just be proud that the object of everyone's attention is there with you.
On the other hand, if you always have to be the man of the hour, you may become resentful of the fact that she is constantly stealing the spotlight. Unless, of course, you are incredibly handsome, in which case, people will ogle both of you equally.

6) People will assume that she wants you for your money.

While men are trying to pick their tongues up from off the floor and women are looking for a flaw of hers to dwell on, they will invariably start to talk about her and the guy she's with (that's you).
Unfortunately, the first thing they will likely assume is that you're loaded, which is why you've got a sweet woman on your arm. It doesn't matter whether or not this is actually the case; people love to gossip.

5) She can easily manipulate you.

The next thing people will think is that she has you under her thumb (poor guy). The worst part? Maybe she does. Think that that would never happen to you? Don't be so sure.
Do you find yourself obliging her every request just because she flashes that incredible smile of hers your way? Does she get away with everything? Watch out. Although it may be your pleasure now, if you are always the one doing things for her, and she never appreciates or reciprocates these actions, you will soon grow resentful of her.

4) It will be harder to trust her.

This leads nicely into my next point. And that is: it is harder to trust a hot chick than an average-looking chick because a hot chick can usually get whatever she desires, whether it's another man or another pair of shoes.
You may spend your time away from her wondering what she's up to, and whether or not she has your best interests at heart, or merely her own. You will wonder whether or not it is even possible for her to go out with her girlfriends and not pick up some guys along the way.

3) You'll be insecure.

While you are wondering whether or not she is trustworthy, that annoying little voice in your head that always gets you to second-guess yourself will emerge and tell you that your doubts are indeed well-founded and that she is out to do you harm.
You will start to call her constantly, even in the middle of the night, and show up wherever she is "just to say hi." No, she won't find it sweet; she'll find it sick.

2) Her ego could be a problem.

A really hot chick who doesn't know how hot she is is hard to find. Chances are that your woman has been complimented on her looks so many times that by now, her head is a little bigger than most girls'. In fact, she may be downright egotistical.
She may honestly think that she is the prettiest, smartest, most talented, most fun woman in the room... all the time. Can you honestly deal with someone like that?

1) You may stay with her for the wrong reasons.

You may become blinded by her looks that you overlook (no pun intended) any serious personality flaws that she may have. You will find yourself justifying the fact that she is an egomaniac, or unfaithful, for example, just so you can stay with her.
In writing this, I am by no means saying that you should date dogs exclusively, or anything. I am merely pointing out the most widely experienced drawbacks of dating a hot sexy fuckable woman, so that when you do, you are aware of them and are thus less likely to fall prey to her charms. If you remember to keep your sense of pride and self-esteem about you, and refuse to let her even think for a second that she can walk all over you, you will be able to enjoy your hot gal without getting caught up in any of the unpleasant scenarios mentioned above.

Men near and far at some point or another have experienced one or more of these and as such this list both serves to remind us men what we should not get caught up in the heat of the moment as well as help explain to women what our thought process is like in regards to such tings. In any case these are the opinions of other people out there so don't hate me for sharing this outlook with you but you can surely thank me if you agree along with on some level or another. Drop a comment below and be sure to send this blog and future blog posts  to others as well so the knowledge can wash over them as well.


February 18, 2013 at 11:13 PM

Most women doesn't really know what they want at all so some become indecisive when picking Men. They always say they want a good man so that they can control them instead of wanting a man that can help them for just more than sex.

February 20, 2013 at 12:01 AM

wonder how many ladies out there will agree with that...?

February 20, 2013 at 9:17 PM

Love the new background. Firstly, I hate that girl I think she is one sided. There are some guys that those tactics can please yes. I'm not saying no. But let's also remember that every relationship is different. The 10 scripts following were very enlightening, I've heard it before and I was like noooooooooooo not every dude thinks like that, but it seems to have some truth so well I will have to take that into consideration next time. - lenny

March 12, 2013 at 12:58 AM

OK she was quite expressive. While I can't say I agree 100 percent with everything she said I can see how there is much credence to her statements. Umm the male aspect of things was quite interesting, makes a lot of sense too but hopefully folks won't let themselves fall into these traps and cause them to lose out on something that could be very good.

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