Monday, February 4, 2013

Precisely Perfect Partner

OK so maybe my name is spelled wrong on this cake and maybe that isn't even my girlfriend but damn she winning major points in the best girlfriend ever category. It's Monday again so you know what that means; time for me to talk about some random topic to hopefully entertain and maybe even educate you. So oddly enough I have been single for about 4 months I think or something. Pardon the lack of time keeping but time kinda froze and jumbled together so don't really recall. Oddly enough recently someone asked me what I look for in a girl and if I was ready to start dating. If there's one thing I learned from my last relationship its probably that I shouldn't be in a relationship; cause honestly I'm starting to think that my idealistic fairy tale view of relationships on a whole is a bit misguided. Don't get me confused; I don't think its wrong I just accept the fact that what I expect of myself I probably shouldn't of others because they come from a different background so they have different values. Granted my views may not be that for all men but i'm of the opinion that on some level most men would probably agree with me. Enough of my rambling in any case the point is today i'm going to break down what makes the ideal partner for a man from my standpoint; feel free to disagree/agree as well as post your comment below giving your insight and opinion as well.

Everyone knows the standard definition of a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets basically highlighting both sides to the perfect woman but what I am going to look at is the physical appearance and the personality. What really matters in a woman in truth and in fact is her personality but its not like they go around wearing their personality  for the world to see. So we are at first as males attracted to the physical appearance and then after time we get to know the personality. Plus its way easier to break down the physical so we will start with that first:


  • Anywhere between 5"-5"10" is an acceptable height for a female based off the fact that the height of the average male is between 5"5" - 6". Anything outside this range is troublesome depending on your own height in relation. If she is too short it looks a bit awkward not to mention people as well as police officers might judge you without knowing the full story that you aren't actually a pedophile. If she is way taller than you it looks a bit emasculating for you as the man not to mention even the girl herself might be self conscious about towering over you and not being able to wear heels around you.

  • Long hair isn't so much a necessity but it is a big plus as a staple point identifier of a woman is her hair. Ideally one would hope to see shoulder length hair but due to society and fashion changing as always concessions have to be made somewhere so as a minimum neck length hair is pretty much acceptable. This is the perfect example of what I am talking about. This pic of Rihanna is perfectly acceptable as she still looks pretty feminine where we have an issue is when I can clearly see your scalp or you feel the need to carve out designs in your skull like a billboard. Still acceptable depending on the level of love but no way will it be better looking than long hair.

  • A womanly asset is key; this takes form in a variety of ways on a woman and is seemingly a major defining feature to define her femininity. The main ones that ideally we as men look for are; the breasts, the ass, the camel toe, the figure, the lips, the hips, the hands, the eyes, the clean skin, and the feet. (yes some guys are into that kind of stuff; don't judge). If you possess one or more of these in an above average manner you are well on your way to being the perfect woman. So give yourself a pat on the back; you deserve it.


Here comes the tricky part and possibly the part that's going to get me into a lot of trouble. I reiterate these are just the personal musings and ramblings of myself and the men out there that might agree with me so don't take them as gospel for all mean or think of us as trying to be chauvinistic. With that being said here we go:

  • An eagerness to please and loyal. Now don't get me wrong we aren't talking about like a stalker type level of omniscience where she just knows all the right things to do even though that would be pretty cool but more so just a show of dedication to pleasing and taking care of her man. Take up an active interest in something of importance to your man that he holds dear to solidify your inclusion in an important aspect of his life. Granted most men seemingly gravitate towards woman who exude qualities of their mother in the caring and nurturing manner but its what we as men grow accustomed to as children and as such we seek to at least recreate that genuine feeling of unbiased and pure love that most of us received from our mothers. Its a reason they say ain't no love like a mothers love but doesn't mean you can't try to emulate it as best as possible.

  • Submissive in nature. Men ideally don't like conflict especially with the fairer sex; as such a woman who is a bit submissive in nature is a big plus as it means she appreciates the role of the man in the relationship and family. It is up to the man to prove he is worthy of such submissiveness and show his worth as a man and care giver. A big part of which entails not taking advantage of the aforementioned submissiveness but realizing it is a gift and not something he is entitled to. If that worth is shown on his part then his just rewards should be this well worth submissiveness in all its glory. Now before anyone gets their proverbial panties in a bunch i'm not saying the man should own the woman and be all controlling and such cause that's not a healthy relationship. However the woman shouldn't constantly be having to argue with the man or make snarky comments or deny him of sex out of spite or cheat on him and all these other things that have seemingly become the norm n our society. You love and work it out or you leave and let it be, simple as that.

  • Confidence and open mindedness. Know your man and be proud of him in every way shape and form. At no point as a woman should you be in the relationship and not  be thinking of how much you appreciate your man in comparison to others and cherish him all the more for the good that he does for you. If that is not the case and he isn't living up to or trying to live up to the standards of a good man then you need to have the confidence to let him know what you are feeling and what you need from him to make things work and give him the chance to prove himself as a man. Also when it comes to sex a mans greatest weakness is being seduced by a woman he has interest in. Many have fallen prey to the wiles of a confident woman who takes initiative, is open minded and leads him in all the right directions. Know that you are worth a mans time and attention and prove it.

  • Be caring and sentimental. You are a girl as such you are expected to be an emotional being even if you aren't  in truth in grasp of your emotions. Give your man the chance to grow and experience your emotions with you so you can grow together. Men like attention so if you decide to pay him the right kinds of attention then we have all the more reason as men to want your presence around us and be with you even more. Any man can attest to the fact that a man would rather feel like his woman is annoying him and try to get space from her than feel like he has to beg for her attention or wonder where her attention actually is being focused. Men are really still kids at heart; its like we have a favorite toy that we play with till we see a new one we want to try out but then as soon as we see the old toy about to be played with we instinctively want it back. So we are all just looking for that special toy that served us well and got us through the hard times that we can cherish and revere.

I realize I might have rambled a bit trying to piece together my thoughts coherently to somewhat string this blog together and as such I posted the above picture that helps itemize somewhat the personality/attitude of the perfect woman. Granted some of these are done on a basis of humor but the idea is in the right place and displays most of the traits I mentioned. If at any point I lost or confused you in reading this blog feel free to ask individual questions in the comments section and i'll try to better answer/express my views on the specific matter. Granted I know we are all imperfect beings and all of what I said wont exist in one person but it doesn't stop an individual from trying to emulate as much of it as possible for the person you love and are in a relationship with. Any man who expects these from a woman should be just as exemplary in his duties as a partner and also strive to exemplify what it means as a man to deserve these things from his partner. Compromise is also key because some traits will be learnt over time and others can be improved upon if not quite at the level they need to be so that needs to be kept in mind. I as a man may not be perfect but i'm going to damn well try to be as close to perfect for the woman i'm with because she deserves nothing but the best that I can give. That is my duty as a man to care for my woman.


February 5, 2013 at 5:36 PM

Confidence is a great thing, don’t get me wrong. But, when one is too overconfident that is where the problems usually lie. When the relationships just start out everything is fine and dandy or it’s like you people are two peas in a pod. You connect with each other and you make things work regardless of the challenges that may come. As the relationship grows further and further the pod starts to deteriorate. In most cases, women for example will think that they need to do less in order to “hold the man”. However, don’t expect your better half to hold up the short end of the stick. Eventually, he will leave.

February 5, 2013 at 6:46 PM

you make a valid point that I should have maybe added as well. I was more referring to confidence in your partner and not being afraid to own him up in public or private. you are absolutely right in what you say though because as the relationship grows you have to find new and interesting ways to share moments and activities that keep the relationship flowing and not at a standstill.

February 6, 2013 at 6:09 PM

Got to share at least some common interests (no, music doesn't count, everything under the sun likes music). Also like strong women. Want a woman if im on the front lines and someone attacks the home she can rise up the double head axe and cleave people. Cooking and some degree of housework worth is also a must. I can do those for myself, but i sure do like it when its done for me.

February 6, 2013 at 8:54 PM

As we look for the "right mate", we have to look at the word compremise, which ppl are for getting........good looks down to earth girls and "a lady in the street but a freak in the bed to say -Ludacris-" is all good but, if in ur head when you are talking to the girl and see that you and her are not going to comprise on somthings leave not pass go, dont not collect $200, let her be and move on cuz when you/her is not going to compremise than the relationship is going to not work

February 19, 2013 at 8:30 AM

lol so hard at ur definition of a strong woman

February 22, 2013 at 8:44 PM

well i must say
I know EXACTLY what you mean

March 12, 2013 at 1:23 AM

COMMUNICATE PPL. I believe that its clear from the very beginning when something isn't going to work but some of us too stubborn to see. If we're working at it and I tell u whats going and u let me know how the thing set up we meet each others needs, compromise or let it go. Don't believe in the one bag a talking abt one issue over and over and nothing gets done abt it. Gotta RESPECT each other folks. Respect me enough to know that I'm here cause I wanna be and if I'm doing something wrong for us do me the courtesy of letting me know this not working so we can fix it rather than chatting our business to Tom, Dick and Harry who may create more problems than if u had let me know what was what from the get go. If push comes to shove and we not feeling each other anymore for whatever reason and we see that we not making it (or u see) let me know and we can decide it go before u hurt each other. Better to end amicably than as bitter enemies.

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