Monday, September 17, 2012

Open You Mind, Ears, And Maybe Even Your Legs...

That my friends is called an 'eargasm'. Few are blessed to experience this sacred and blessed event in their lifetime physically. Most just experience it mentally, count yourself in the lucky few to have witnessed it first hand. Welcome to another random Monday blog here on Zalgo Cometh, felt like touching on something of musical nature today so lets get this popping. Firstly for those that might not know let me define what an 'Eargasm' is. Although self explanatory for anyone who knows what an orgasm feels like  this is not to be confused with as such cause ain't nothing better than a right proper orgasm...^_^

July 26, 2006
1. noun. The sensation one gets while hearing a dramatic climax in music.
2. noun. The climax of musical excitement.
3. verb. To have an eargasm.

With that out of the way we are going to dig into two up and coming genres of music that are taking the world by storm. These i'm referring to are Dubstep and K-POP. Yes I know for us that are vastly internet savvy this may seem a moot subject but oddly enough this is just a post to inform the masses not the hipsters like us normal internet denizens. At the very least you can refer someone who is a newbie to the subject matter to help them understand the awesomeness that lays in wait for them. If you hadn't figured it out by now I said 'we' earlier as I was implying I have garnered the help of another individual to cover the K-POP side of things in a more detailed manner.

That is Skrillex; not the picture the actual video. Now although by no means the inventor of Dubstep he is the more popular face of Dubstep and has done a lot for the genre and the bringing of it to the public domain. He has many songs that embody the awesomeness of Dubstep and you can go check out his channel right over (here). Now as far as Dubstep goes there are many different explanations trying to label describe or otherwise put human logic to the true meaning of its nature. Some say its robots having sex,  people say it makes the ladies panties drop, others say its music from the devil but I for one think it is just a truth of the universe that you accept and allow to take over you body. Seriously its just music people; plain and simple, it might sound like sweet nectar from the gods but its just awesome music. Towards the end of the decade the genre started to become more commercially successful in the UK, with more singles and remixes entering the music charts. It was at this point we started seeing lots of Dubstep being injected into mainstream culture at large; movies, video games, even simple television commercials had to have a bit of Dubstep. One of the best characteristics of Dubstep, is the 'bass drop'; its normally when the percussion pauses for a second and then comes back with a heavier bass line. It is always very pleasurable to hear one but you really need to hear it on a big sound system to know how good it is. This is usually the main source of 'eargasms' in conjunction with Dubstep music.

Next up on the agenda is K-POP, i'm sure by now most of you would have already seen, heard of, or know Oppa Gangnam Style. The hot new single by PSY that is taking over the world by storm and spreading mainstream knowledge of K-POP and its awesomeness. Currently at over 199 million views on YouTube as of being uploaded on July 15. PSY is a Korean artist and that is what the K in K-POP stands for essentially. Many other songs from the genre are just as catchy and fun to listen, but let me not get too ahead of myself, introducing a true K-POP fan I present to you Pica* (subjects name changed to protect identity).

So since 2008, I’ve been fascinated with the Asian culture by all sorts of medium, manga, anime, drama, music, food oh cant leave that out love my belly too much. It all started with one and led to the others. Music was the last to slap me in the face and called me its bitch, I heard a song from a Korean drama that I loved to death and started youtube’ing  the group who sang it. Then I started finding a lot more people that I really like, mind you I still just know a few words in either Japanese or Korean, still learning the Chinese stuff. What I felt listening to the music was like a deep connection to a culture not my own. Its like the words played in my head and I knew instantly what they were feeling,  and the emotions they wish to convey. Currently I have a lot of songs on my phone that people always wonder what the hell are these, lol but to me I get it, I understand it. I'm happy to say my Jamaican family has started to embrace what I found long ago. Gangnam Style; people soon be like "oh that man is surely a music genius."

Well folks that is the end of our little expose on Dubstep and K-POP. Hope you found it entertaining and informative, if not sorry you fail at life and can't appreciate a new experience. Sucks to be you...


September 18, 2012 at 12:25 AM

Made set, always loving it :)

Chu ^_^

September 18, 2012 at 9:38 AM

Awesome Skrillex

September 18, 2012 at 10:01 AM

yes indeed awesome Skrillex is awesome.

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