Monday, April 16, 2012

I Knew It; I Freaking Knew It

So by now unless you live under a rock or aren't a fan of Rap music in general you should know about the video of Tupac performing that has been on the internet. Yes; famous and presumably dead seemingly took time out from his stay in the afterlife to appear for a brief performance at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Many people have mixed opinions on if this was a tasteless move or something that should be celebrated; watch the video and decide for yourself.

Ok so fun and jokes asides, it was really a hologram but a damn well done one that would give anyone chills watching the show. I know seeing this performance brought a tear to my eye remembering a time when rap was some truly moving and thought provoking music that you had to listen for metaphors and similies among other literary devices. Not just head banging and random slang saying; guess i'm showing my age saying these things but whatever. This technological feat was performed at the annual Coachella Valley Music And Arta Festival. The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival (commonly known as Coachella, Coachellafest or Coachella Festival) is an annual three-day music and arts festival, organized by Goldenvoice (a subsidiary of AEG Live) and held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California, in the Inland Empire's Coachella Valley. The event features many genres of music, including rock, indie, hip hop and electronic music as well as large sculptural art. The event has several stages/tents set-up throughout the grounds, each playing live music continuously. The main stages are: Coachella Stage, Outdoor Theatre, Gobi Tent, Mojave Tent, and the Sahara Tent (2006 also saw the addition of a smaller Oasis Dome). On May 31, 2011, Goldenvoice announced that the festival will be held over two separate weekends, starting in 2012. The Coachella Music Festival has a desert setting (the city of Indio is a part of the California Desert), with daytime temperatures frequently rising to over 110 °F (43 °C). Feel free to watch the entire performance piece leading up to Tupac if you are a fan of great music.

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