Monday, February 6, 2012

New Beginnings

Hey guys and gals; how's it been hanging? Been a while since we sat and had a lil' chat huh? Welcome to the first blog post of 2012; figured I took a long enough break from blog writing to get settled into my new environment and moving to a new city. Hopefully y'all missed me as much as I missed you; today marks the beginning of the 2012 blog post cycle that will see the usual random blog posts on Mondays and game reviews on Fridays. So seeing as how we are just getting back into the swing of things, we are going to be easing back into delivering content that you people love so much; starting with today's post about the corporate world. I promised a reader I was going to try and see if I can't write some short blogs this year because I realize not everyone has the affinity to sit and read my posts straight through even if I throw in the occasional picture or video. Be sure to follow us on Twitter - and like our Facebook Page -

So basically I just got my first official job working in the corporate world, it has been a big deal for me being fresh out of University and everything since i'm only used to being an entrepreneur of sorts or doing freelance work here and there. The whole experience to be honest has been an eye opening and frightening ordeal to say the least. Then again, most if not all experiences are frightening; stepping out of your comfort shell and venturing into the unknown. One would think that a big corporation would not be susceptible to things such as disorganization considering that they are big and accomplished but its actually the opposite. 

The simple truth which is ironic at the same time is that the business world is more or less exactly like whichever school environment you left from most recently with the small difference of you being paid to be there instead of you paying to be there as with school. You have cliques and hierarchies just the same and above all everyone is more or less responsible for their performance. You would think everyone should be looking out for one another to ensure that the system works smoothly and work is done. Sadly, this is not the case instead everyone is ensure their own work is done so that they cannot be held accountable if shit hits the fan; they weren't kidding when they said "its a dog eat dog world out there". All in all though, no matter what hardships you encounter their are two things you should think on to comfort you: 1) Work Experience & 2) The Money. No matter what happens at the end of it all these are the two things that make the utmost of importance to your existence. The work experience will make your appeal better both inside and outside the company, bundled with the fact that having your own money to make the world go round in whichever way you please is never a bad thing. Well that's just my opinionated rambling, feel free to tell me in the comments of your own work experiences or views; until then i'm going to go play my newly acquired PS3 (yeah that's that money thing i was mentioning before ^_^)

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