Friday, May 6, 2011

Forever To Bear The Shame - The End

Gameplay - 6/10
Storyline - 10/10
Graphics - 8/10
Game Score : 24/30

In continuing and ending this weeks theme of games that remain unfinished over my illustrious career of being a gamer, the one other game that I have never completed is Claw by Monolith Productions. Claw, is a classic-type platform video game much like Super Mario that features a two-dimensional platform world featuring a main character at its focus and enemies roaming around. In this game however there are traps, secret areas and treasure.

Sorry about the bad video quality but its a pretty old game. The story is similar to many pirate films, games and other sources: a famous cat pirate, Captain Nathaniel Joseph Claw was imprisoned by the Cocker-Spaniards (a dog species, a pun on Cocker Spaniel). In the prison he finds a note and a map hidden in the wall, signed as Edward Tobin, in which he learns about the Amulet of Nine Lives - a mystical artifact that grants its wearer near-immortality. Breaking out of his cell, Claw sets out to collect all 9 gems of the amulet and retrieve it for himself. The game begins with Claw outside his cell.

Claw was truly a great game on PC; epic storyline, awesome animation, superb graphics in that day and age; it had everything. The one down side to the game is that it was pretty freaking hard at times; me and my brother can attest to that. Many a cat lives were lost in the pursuit of completing this game. Then again maybe we were too young and unskilled as gamers at the time who knows, but I typically find that if you use a god mode code in a game and can still end up dying it probably is a bit hard. Heres a look at the opening movie of the game...

If you feel like testing the game out I found a link to a downloadable demo copy of the  game, you can try it out but sadly it doesn't work for 64 bit versions of Windows. If not then here is a video of the first level in the game you can check out...


May 7, 2011 at 12:17 AM

reminds me of rambo lol

Chu ^_^

May 9, 2011 at 8:27 PM

the poll on What Is Your Preferred Gaming System? ended with 1 for PC, 1 for console and 1 for portable

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