Tuesday, March 18, 2014

So Yeah I Almost Died

Whats good y'all? We back in this for another random Monday blog. We sorta messed up and didn't give you guys a Friday video game review and for that I wanna say i'm sorry. If you were paying attention recently on the Monday blog last week you would have seen that I was feeling a bit ill. Well that escalated quickly into me running a seriously high fever and hallucinating. This further escalated into me being rushed to the hospital in the wee hours of the night by my parents who drove a hour and a half journey to get me there for fear of my life. So anyways made a decent recovery under my mother's ever watchful eye over the course of the week and as such am now well enough to be writing up this random Monday blog-post. For those that don't know I live away from my family on my own in the city. Been a big boy for the past 2 or 3 years trying to start my life and make ends meet; hooray for financial freedom and shackles all at the same time. Anywhore there are a changes that must be done to avoid an immediate recurrence of such and safeguard my body. So lets do this!!!

Ok so added to the fact that I already have a somewhat weak immune system there will be much taking of Centrum to get my vitamin swag on. Add to that the fact that I am working seven days a week almost every week, balancing two jobs, while maintaining this blog and its Facebook page while somehow doing an online course my body could endure no longer. So will be trying to cut back a bit on the work load and try to take the occasional weekend off to rest up and rejuvenate a bit. Also I have decided I need more active enjoyment in my life so I will be making a conscious effort to get out more and have decided to adopt a kitten from the animal shelter. Another change I hope to make but i'm still up in the air about is to start exercising again but due to time constraints i'm not entirely sure where to fit that in. All in all I think that's about it as far as I can think for now so i'm gonna end this blog here and get back to drinking this Chicken Soup my mom made for me to get better. Later days...

Thanks For Stopping By