Monday, March 24, 2014

Here's Some Friendly Advice

Hi everyone welcome to another random Monday blog post. Ill try to keep this short and sweet since my planet needs me. Friend is a term that gets thrown around  and mistakenly used in cases where acquaintance would be better suited. A real friend is far and few apart and should be cherished accordingly as they not only improve your surrounding but your overall life in general. Last  Monday I talked about changes I would be making in my life  after my near death experience. Soon you will be introduced to my newest friend Tigger, but that is for another time. I almost lost a very near and dear friend to my heart because of some oversights on my part. Word of advice people never get complacent and take real friends for granted cause you don't always get a second chance to fix your mistakes in life. One of the worst feelings to experience is regret and having to live with that as a painful reminder is that much worse.

Be sure to cherish your true friends and keep the lines of communication open so you can have a long and fruitful relationship to carry you through the years. Plus who knows you just might need a true friend to save you from a bad situation one day or vice versa.

Thanks For Stopping By