Saturday, October 27, 2012

Its About Goddamn Time

Gameplay - 10/10
Storyline - 8/10
Graphics - 9/10
Game Score : 27/30

Well my life is somewhat in shambles as I write this but at the end of the day i guess its true what they say; at the end of the day all a man has is his word and his tech. So as any other man does I drown myself in my tech and revel in the fact that gaming exists for normal people like me. So here we have Playstation All Stars Battle Royale; Sony's foray into the world of all out brawling fun akin to the likes of Super Smash Brothers. Make no mistake even though this game will be seen as a copy of Nintendo's Super Smash Brother franchise it is its on little slice of heaven in its own right and improves upon its main source of comparison. So this week we look at the free to play open access beta of PASBR (Playstation All-Star Battle Royale)...

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is an upcoming crossover fighting video game which is being developed by SuperBot Entertainment in conjunction with SCE Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita video game consoles. The gameplay is conceptually similar to the Super Smash Bros. series, in which up to four players can battle each other using characters from various Sony franchises such as God of War, PaRappa the Rapper and Sly Cooper, as well as third-party franchises like BioShock. 

There are, however, differences in how opponents are defeated. During the game, players damage other players to receive orbs that build up a power meter at the bottom of the screen (These orbs can also be found on the stage over the course of the match). Earning enough power allows players to use one of three levels of super moves which can be used to defeat opponents and earn points. Arenas are also inspired by various PlayStation titles, with some areas mashing up two titles into one (for example, a LittleBigPlanet-themed stage which is mixed with Buzz!). The game will feature cross-platform play between the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita versions. So you can game at home and on the go with your favorite Sony character's.

Whats Good:
This game takes many notes from the Smash Brothers franchise and improves upon them. It features a new take on the battle system where players have set lives and battles are determined by the last player alive. Instead the team over at Superbot have decided to come up with a system that fosters fast paced action and intense battles. By doing away with any clear indicator of who is in the lead or who has the least amount of lives and just having everyone battle it out it keeps the action moving and helps combat player who may want to play a lame keep-away game instead of getting in the mix of everything. The game also features a very good online matchmaking system with puts forth quick match making and stable online connectivity between players. As you can imagine this is a very big thing for a game that is 4 players on one screen going crazy. Wide variety of characters to choose from various Sony related franchises not to mention the possibility of additional DLC characters.

Whats Bad:
My only complaint with the game thus far is that the items in the game are very hard to make the most of because of the animation to pick up items is a bit cumbersome. Also the characters need some balancing because as it stands Radec and Kratos seem to be the cream of the crop from the six characters available for play in the beta. (Parappa The Rapper, Radec, Kratos, Sweettooth, Sly Cooper, Fat Princess)

What Should Have Been Added:
Honestly can't say right now since I only played the beta but i'll hopefully update this once I get the full version of the game.

So until next time you guys enjoy some footage of me and my friend Doug Morris aka Daigo Kengo playing some 2 vs 2 as we take on all comers on the internet. The full game comes out on November 20th so keep your eyes peeled.

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