Monday, February 27, 2012

Who Picks These Movies??

Hey y'all, it's time for another random Monday blog post. The above picture is an accurate pictorial representation of my opinion of the Oscars, and majority of the movies that were highlighted. Not only did I not know that the Oscars was to be aired but also upon seeing my Twitter and Facebook blow up with status messages about it had not a clue about half the movies being mentioned. Which leads me to wonder if obscurity or vintageness if that is even a word (which I doubt it is FYI) are the main criteria for  these nominations. Even though I didn't watch the show between the internet, Twitter, Facebook and any other important social medias one can surmise a pretty good understanding of what took place. The Artist and Hugo seem to be the big show stoppers of the night being nominated for like almost every freaking thing in some shape or form; strange I find it however that I have not heard of any of those shows before. Now I know I may not be a sophisticated cinema goer as some may be, or my taste in movies may be lacking of that nature; but it seems to me that with all the movies that are released in a year we should see that much of the same thing for each category.

Now after watching that trailer I can see that it is in fact probably a pretty good movie; even made more so apparent for the fact that its in black and white and has that artsy fartsy feel to it. Where I have a problem is the fact that in 2011 there were 51 number one box office movie releases not to mention the astounding number of movies that were released on a whole but somehow this one movie managed to be nominated in that many categories. Obviously we all know that Hollywood is in a downward spiral as far as original movie content goes but come on; this is one long ass list of movies that they undoubtedly could have pulled more variety from: 2011 Movie List. The last video is a rundown of most, if not all the awards that were given out. So if you missed the actual show like me you can get a better idea of what I am talking about concerning nominations and winners. Please leave a comment letting me know what you thought of the Oscars and if my rant is warranted or not...

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