Monday, February 20, 2012

What's The Sitch???

Ok; so this has been bugging me for a while now but what exactly is the big deal with females and not liking so called mamma's boys? I mean for the most part this term stemmed from guy's having a so called too close attachment to their mother, but as with most things it has been twisted to encompass a wide variety of situations. My problem with this is trying to understand two factors of this so called momma's boy syndrome: 

1) If a guy treats his mom real well and is very loving with her isn't that supposed to be a good sign that a guy will love his partner and treat her with the same emotions? How is that a bad thing? I know there is the whole independent man outlook on life and what not, but when did dwelling on a mans love for his mother become more important than realizing the love he has for his mother.

2) If a guy gets his clothes washed or has his dinner cooked for him by his mom this also gets him branded as a momma's boy at times as well. Keep in mind that its not like he even asks his mom to do these things for him she just does it because he is her son and they have a loving nurturing relationship. If its that big an issue for a woman that she will view him a a momma's boy hen why not take the initiative to do these things in place of his momma to show your love and devotion?

All i'm saying is that at the end of the day depending on the type of household you grow up in us as men are conditioned to look up to our mothers as the ideal example of the qualities of a good woman. This is why we most times look for similar qualities in our partners that were/are present in our mothers. This shouldn't be something that is seen as a weakness of poor quality in a man but instead a precursor as to how highly he values you as an individual as well as a potential partner for life. All you as a woman have to do is live up to or exceed that measurement and as such we will rise to the necessary expectations that you may have of us in comparison or contrast to your father. Well hope I made some sense with my rambling; feel free to leave our comments on the topic or personal experiences as such...


February 20, 2012 at 10:08 PM

Your looking at it wrong thats not the major probs some girl have with mommas boy, my prob is when you n ur partner r together with ur mom too, ur views and everyting has to go thru ur mom in order of approval and also final decision making wich shud be done by u alone bt for most part some guys jus say oh my mom knows best wen she human can be jus as wrong bt the obsession of always seeking advice from her blinds u to the fact that it seem at times she is d girlfriend n we jus a sex toy dat has no other contribution in the relationship.........well dats wat i consider a mommas boy not the ones who get love from there mom n called spoil, i gt it too n i love it, those tings jus come naturally for her

February 20, 2012 at 10:12 PM

well tht sounds like a pretty severe case from what you described. i dont think thur can be that many kind of guys going around for ppl to be throwing around the phrase momma's boy that much as how they do these days but oh well.

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