Friday, October 7, 2011

John Carmack Does It Again...

Gameplay - 9/10
Storyline - 9/10
Graphics - 9/10
Game Score : 27/30

Did ya miss me? I missed you, wish you could have been here sooner watching me play a brand new video game. This week we tackle the post apocalyptic world of Rage, the newest IP from id Software; the lovely company that brought us such classics as Doom & Quake. This game utilizes a new graphics engine called id Tech 5; id Tech 5 is the latest proprietary game engine being developed by id Software, currently still being actively upgraded, and follows its predecessors, id Tech 1, 2, 3 and 4. It is a major advancement over id Tech 4. Take a look for yourself...

Ok, ok, grab a rag and wipe up all that drool; we got a game review to do here. Rage is a first-person shooter video game with hints of RPG elements by id Software which was released on October 4, 2011 in North America. In Rage's story, the asteroid strikes on August 23, 2029, and the few pockets of survivors are forced to begin a new civilization. The world is populated by human survivors of the impact, who have come together to form settlements around oases and other practical or habitable locations, including racetracks. These fragile homes are diligently defended by the inhabitants against bandits and mutants, which are divided into various gangs and organizations of their own. Bandits and mutants serve as the player's main enemies for much of the game, and later races

Hostile factions

The Authority: Very little is known about the Authority. While their motives are unclear, they offer rewards to anybody who turns in an Ark Survivor.

Mutants: While not necessarily organized enough to be a distinct faction, mutants are nonetheless a common presence in the wasteland.

The Wasted Clan: A dim-witted bunch that enjoys mechanics, home-brewed alcohol and fighting.

The Ghost Clan: Sinister and stealthy, fearsome and fearless. The Ghost Clan is arguably the most id-like of Rage's enemies, dealing in the occult and staging gruesome sacrifices in order to gain a seat in the afterlife.

The Scorcher Clan: The asteroid Apophis was the steed of a demigod - so says the Scorcher Clan, who believes that tapping the energy of the asteroid (and thus its supposed supernatural owner) will make them invincible.

The Shrouded Clan: Behind the gas masks and orange scarves, they are deserters - the Shrouded Clan is made up of those who abandoned their own clans in disillusionment, and banded together to disguise their identity and motives.

The Jackal Clan: Howls in the night signal the coming of the Jackal Clan. Part animal and part human, they are a savage group of hunters and combatants.

The Gearheads: The Gearheads are the most intelligent of the wasteland's factions. Not relying solely on brute force for survival, these bandits have built advanced machinery and weaponry that make them a force to reckon with.

Due to the diversity of the varying factions, each encounter is different and requires adaptation to the different fight styles of each faction from the player. Rage is most definitely a welcome breath of fresh air into the FPS market, which at the moment is heavily saturated with hype from Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3. Some may draw comparisons to the game of Borderlands, but Rage is its own personal franchise that has a solid story and potential room for growth and marketing. It does a solid job of being simple enough to pick up and play but not too complex where you lose focus on the story and game-play of the title. Well that's all the details i'm going to give away, since I don't want to spoil your own experience with the game when you get to try it out. Here's some first hand footage of me playing through the beginning as usual to get your fingers twitching; enjoy...


October 8, 2011 at 3:11 PM

love the graphics, just love it and the story is good so far.

October 8, 2011 at 7:31 PM

I am really tempted to get a copy of this game. The game looks pretty awesome. Are you considering doing the entire walkthrough?

October 8, 2011 at 7:54 PM

nope. i leave tht playing through to the readers that like my review and want to experience the game for themselves.

October 10, 2011 at 8:10 PM

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