Friday, September 16, 2011

You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry

Gameplay - 7/10
Storyline - 7/10
Graphics - 6/10
Game Score : 20/30

This one goes out to all the people who can't enjoy quality, graphically intensive, seemingly endless gaming. Today is your day to receive some gaming loving in its simplest form, say hello to your newest (or current for some) addiction; Angry Birds. I have been wanting to do this review for a while but with so many gaming conventions and awesome games releasing one after the other, I honestly couldn't find the time. Thankfully due to my vacation and a bit of a break on the gaming side of things, I now present to you Angry Birds.

So I think the trailer gives you the basic rundown of why these birds are so angry, and the extent of the anger they hold. I'm still trying to figure out how them being angry justifies letting themselves be hurled against varying surfaces, most times to the amusement of the pigs. Definitely wouldn't want to be the one that pisses off these birds, or run into them in a dark alley. Angry Birds is a puzzle video game developed by Finnish computer game developer Rovio Mobile. In the game, players use a slingshot to launch birds at pigs stationed on or within various structures, with the intent of destroying all the pigs on the playfield. As players advance through the game, new birds appear, some with special abilities that can be activated by the player. Can you find them all?

Red- The most basic type of bird. It breaks easily through glass, but it stopped by thicker construction materials.
**Basic Bird- Just flies and hits**

Blue- Don’t be fooled by its tiny stature! Able to produce triplets in a mere millisecond, the young appear in a poof of smoke where the adult used to be.
**Scatter-shot bird: click to split it in 3**

Yellow- Possibly the angriest of all the species. Working itself into a frenzy of pique when it sees its intended target, very little can stop the charge of a frothing yellow!
**Speed Boost- click to give the bird a short boost of speed**

Black- The 'black sheep' of the bird family is much more dangerous than an initial appraisal would suggest.
**Bomb- Explodes when impacted, destroying nearby walls**

White- The most fertile of the angry birds, it lays eggs that can be dropped as projectile weapons on unfortunate targets as well!
**Bomber- Click to lay an explosive egg when directly overhead**

Boomerang- This tropical fellow has well-honed migratory instincts: he can’t get more than a few feet from his original perch before he starts migrating right back!
**Boomerang- Can curve around to hit the back of structures**

Big Red- This red bird has surely been eating his vitamins! He has ascended
to the very peak of red bird awesomeness and become a Big Red- the kind of the redbirds!
**Wrecking Ball- Breaks through all kinds of walls with ease**

Its no secret that Angry Birds has grown to be one of the most popular social games in our modern day society. Many game companies are scrambling to try and figure out the secret to their success to replicate it, but Angry Birds in and of itself is an unique experience that should be experienced by everyone in its original form. Young or old; it is a game that we can all find some connection to, or just release our frustrations by helping some temperamental birds to recover their prized possessions. Give it a try and download this copy of the game for PC that I took the liberty of procuring for your enjoyment...


September 16, 2011 at 11:57 PM

this is awsome. its just like another plants vs zombies effect on u. koooooool lol

September 17, 2011 at 3:12 AM

yea its one of those games that sucks you in without you really realizing it.

September 18, 2011 at 10:41 PM


September 18, 2011 at 10:56 PM

lol nothing looks easy from the way i sucked at playing through in my

September 19, 2011 at 9:59 PM

poll on Which Bird Is Your Favorite? ended with 1 for red, 3 for yellow, 2 for black and 1 for white.

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