Friday, May 13, 2011

Duh Winning...

Welcome to another random 'hump day' (Wednesday) blog to get you through the week. This week were going to look at Gamers and how awesome they are as partners and individuals on a whole. If you are not a Gamer you should definitely have one as your partner. A true Gamer will fill all the necessary roles of friend, lover and confidante. Typically most gamers are in some way or another associated with being a geek and looked down on for their love of video games, but if only you knew what you were missing out on. Lets start off looking at what a gamer is; if the person in question fits at least six of these qualifications then chances are they can be considered a true gamer, three or less then they are probably just a casual gamer, ten or more and yup they are a hardcore gamer for life.

Gamer (Noun.)
1) Someone who spends any time that they are allowed gaming.
2) Owns or has owned a gaming console older than PSX and N64.
3) Can beat box the Super Mario theme.
4) Knows what "Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start" is for.
5) Walks around yelling a favorite character's line (like "HADOU-KEN!!!" or "GET OVER HERE!!")
6) Knows that games and movies really shouldn't cross each other.
7) Knows what the words Walkthrough, Mod, or Razor911 means.
8) Remembers getting ready to seriously hurt Sephiroth, then just omnislashing him to death in FFVII
9) Knows what FFVII means
10) Would dive into a flaming house to save his/her games.
And lastly for good measure, has collected a series of games that have had more than four games in the series.

Gamers are open-minded
Gamers are expressive in various ways
Gamers always look for the best possible solution to a problem
Gamers put in the time and effort
Gamers are adventurous in more ways than one

The same skills gamers employ in video games are easily utilized and transferable in real life; even more so in a dedicated relationship. Just as one will diligently play a game over and over till he completes it or unlocks all the secrets it is with the same diligence that he approaches his relationship and with the same earnestness that they will help solve your problems. Not to mention in this day and age filled with fast paced technology having a gamer always by your side paramounts to basically having your own personal tech support whenever the need arises. Don't even get me started on the sexual benefits of having a Gamer as your partner. Now even though there are many perks to having a Gamer for a partner people will forever focus on the negative aspects of gaming such as addiction or the link between violence in video games and violence in real life but that is mainly because the puny fleshbags fear what they cannot truly comprehend. I don't know about you but repeatedly doing something and being rewarded and feeling great about it doesn't sound like such a bad thing to me; I think the world would be a much better place if life was more like that. Gamification for one and all I say...


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A gamer huh lol okie den

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Dis Mad yute! ElbaMafia Seh dat!

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