Monday, February 25, 2013

The Times Are A Changing

I know; i'm a dirty, dirty man. I love sex and everything to do wit sex whether talking about it or participating in it. I find it simply fascinating the reactions it elicits from people. Oddly enough you are pretty much the same as me; the only difference is i'm open about it. Damn that a nice picture; welcome to another Monday blog here on In The Mind Of My Mind. We gonna be talking about that sexy time today so if your snobbish, uppity or just plain boring you might want to make a 180° turn and see your way to another blog-post of mine or another blog all together. At the behest of a female reader today I will be diving face first into the topic of oral sexy time with the ladies but as always I got to be impartial so i'll throw some male related stuff in the mix as well. So with that being said, lets dive in...

So it seems like this was destined to be a blog post because just recently I was reading an article about the acceptance of this very thing in mainstream media and music here in Jamaica. Personally it's the year 2013 and I would like to think as a society we have evolved past the olden ways of bashing things we don't readily accept or partake in. More and more though it seems the act of oral sex has been getting accepted but only for men receiving it seems. Many female artists have slowly but surely started to rally together to advocate for the desensitization of this taboo subject in mainstream music. That article can be found --->here<--- so feel free to check that out too. Now lets get into the meat of the matter...

The put it as simple as possible men; there is actually no logical reason why you should not be eating your special lady friend's plate clean so to speak unless she specifically does not want you to. Scientifically speaking the vagina is cleaner than your mouth so if you can kiss her upstairs you can sure as hell kiss her downstairs. Also throwing more science at your face; did you know that 50 to 75 percent of women who have orgasms need clitoral stimulation and are unable to have an orgasm through intercourse alone. On a mental level going down on your partner gives you a power rush knowing that you are in control of them in such an intimate way. Watching her moan and squirm with ever flick of your tongue is bound to leave you both with quite the feeling of satisfaction. Don't even get me started on how awesome it is when you tie her down or instruct her to let you have your way and not resist the sensations coursing through her body. Emotionally sharing the experience of fellatio with a woman opens up a new layer of connection and trust between you two as she freely opens up herself *quite literally* to your scrutiny which most women has issues with. Whether from lack of confidence in how their 'whoo-hah' looks or just plain embarrassment of having you peer deep into them most women aren't readily open to having a man look so intently at that area of their body so freely. As a man/woman if you can overcome this hurdle it will go a long way in solidifying your presence/meaningfulness in her life.

If you still have reasons as to why you don't want to give or receive oral sex from your trusted partner  after all that then there is something illogical about you and we probably shouldn't be having this conversation. I do thank you for your time however and wish you all the best and hope your partner shares your train of thought or at the very least loves you enough to tolerate it. If on the other hand you have seen the light or are in want of adding another tool to your already capable arsenal of pleasuring your woman feel free to check out this detailed guide on how to effective orally pleasure your partner in the link below.

In case you didn't realize by now 8/10 males enjoy getting oral sex; 1 out of the remaining two that don't has not gotten it yet and realized how great it is and the other 1 that is left just prefers vagina and no alternatives. With all that being said as promised I got to include something on the male side of things as this is done in the pursuit of knowledge an education so here is a instructional video on how to give the perfect blow job. Word of advice don't pay so much attention to the weird sound she makes as that is just her own little flair she adds to the process.




March 1, 2013 at 12:22 PM

You are my type of guy RJ. A few years ago when I was in college, one of my classmates from St. Kitts said 'everyone I ask if they have ever been eaten say yes, but when asked if they are doing it they say no. Must be one person walking around Jamaica sucking everybody.'

I don't see anything wrong with people in a monogomous relationship pleasing each other. Once the girl is clean feast away; and you are absolutely right when you say that the vagina is cleaner than the mouth. I think men are becoming more open in admitting that they given oral sex. I don't endorse the 'licky licky' men who go around performing oral sex on any and everyone. Some men still don't know that a healthy vagina doesn't have a fishy smell. Not because people call it fishy, lol. So like the food you buy at a restaurant and do a taste test on, do a smell check on those vaginas you are eating. Once all is well, I don't see why 2 grown ass persons who are into each other and doing their business in the privacy of their bedroom should make something so beautiful as pleasing your partner appear so taboo.


March 1, 2013 at 6:57 PM

Aww shucks. Im your type of guy? im blushing. agree with you point that one shouldn't be licky licky and nyammy nyammy so to speak but instead share that experience with a select partner or a select few as so inclined.

March 12, 2013 at 12:41 AM

Don't b distracted by the sound, really I think i paid more attention to the sound than the actual techniques

March 12, 2013 at 1:01 AM

I have to say though that that its silly to allow societal biases and prejudices to miss out on what may prove to be a fulfilling experience.

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